Pitzy Cooks! Corned Beef & Cabbage

It has been a really long time since I blogged about food. Or anything other than baby stuff really.

Saint Patrick’s Day is coming up soon and I am home all day so it was the perfect time to get out the crock pot.

Here is the recipe I found on Pintrest: Corned Beef & Cabbage


Baby Wearing Momma

Today started at about 6am when Colt woke up for a bottle and a diaper change. I have gotten into the habit of taking care of him, and then while Mike gets ready for work, I make up a days worth of bottles, enjoy a cup of coffee, and pump for 15 minutes. This morning I also got down the crock pot. Diesel, Colt and I laid back down for another few hours and at 8 got up for good. Another bottle, diaper change and we got out of our jammies. Unfortunately, Colt wasn’t in the mood to be left to play in his crib, so I decided to strap him on using my mei tai wrap. Of course then Colt was comfortably snoozing.


Corned Beef & Cabbage: Before

I got started on the Corned Beef by prepping all of the ingredients. I chopped celery and red potatoes, and used baby carrots and frozen pearl onions. Into the crock pot it all went and 4 cups of water. Topped the veggies with the corned beef, and poured over top of that a Murphy’s stout. Sprinkled on the season packet and on high it went for 6 hours.

Of course then it was just wait it out. Taking care of Colt, doing some laundry, and waiting for Daddy to get home!

After about 5 hours I checked the internal temperature of the beef and found it to be done. I removed it from the crock pot and tented it with some tinfoil and let it rest. I cut the cabbage into wedges, submerged them into the crock pot, and added another hour onto the timer.

Almost an hour after putting the cabbage in, it started to cook down nicely and the house was smelling great.

Mike got home at around 4:30 and at that time there was a half hour still on the timer. He turned the crock pot to low while I got Colt bundled up for our first walk outside. We headed to the park with Diesel, the little guy in his car seat and snapped into his stroller. It wasn’t quite as warm out as it was predicted, but with the canopy over top, Colt was able to enjoy a quick nap as the rest of us strolled along the Clinton River.

Back at home, Mike carved up the Corned Beef and served us both a big bowl of veggies. And honestly, the broth would make a fine soup! I would say today was a success.


Finished! The only picture I got because it smelled too good to wait.


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