The Old & The New

It’s easy to let life get the best of you. Time is both infinite and and fleeting.

Time seems to be flying by me lately. Days turning to weeks, and weeks into months.  It’s easy to let things slip past me.

I was recently reminded, the hard way, that just a few months ago I was ready to move in with one of my best friends and start down a totally new path. And now I rarely see him. And it’s not like I am doing it on purpose.

There have been so many things going on and I am doing a lot to figure out what it is that I want out of life.  Two of my best friends, Gabby & Ian, have both played huge parts in helping me define who I am. They started me on this path that eventually led to my involvement in roller derby. And that, has been huge in my life.

But it’s important to go back to your roots and remember where you started. And part of that for me is not taking things for granted and not assuming anything. I assumed that with Ian working nights, that he didn’t want to hang out during the week. This assumption was also fueled by my not hearing from him much throughout the week either. And that was his assumption that I was too busy.

This weekend I was able to take the time to hang out with Gabby and Ian.

Gabby and I caught up over a sushi lunch at Osaka.  Those 12 bites of food being more delicious with such great company.

After that I stopped by Ian’s and was able to catch up with him for a bit.

Then the four of us, now including my Mike, made our way to the theater to catch the remake of Evil Dead.

The original Evil Dead films are some of my favorite movies of all time.  I have seen them, along with Army of Darkness, more times than I can count. I was a little hesitant about a remake, but reading the articles about Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell’s involvement and approval, left me reassured that it could be done right.

And it was. The remake was a great retelling of the story with more of a modern twist, a little more detail to the story, with some great special fx and gore.  The film had me cringing in horror on more than one occasion. And also had me giggling and smiling at each little nod to the original.

The old and the new can coexist. It just takes work, and respect.


Star Wars Bout!

The blog you have all been waiting for…

DA da dadada DA! Dadada DA da da da da…

Ok, so I can’t sing… That’s a known fact. But what I can do is tell you just how amazing this bout was!

The anticipation for this bout had been growing for months.  Even at Christmas I was plotting what I would wear to a bout in February, but it was very important that I had it planned out a head of time.  As you may remember from my previous post, my aunt loaned to me a Chewbacca costume for the night.  It fit well enough, but when I brought it to practice and tried to NSO while wearing it. Nope. Wasn’t going to happen. But a really good friend of mine, and organizer of this whole night, Sam-I-Slam was able to wear it and she was a big hit.

Though not as big of a hit as the actual Star Wars characters! We had actors from the Great Lakes Garrison 501st Legion and the Rebel Legion in the house for a parade, photo ops and more. So many of the skaters, staff and officials were in costume for the night and we had a blast getting our pictures taken with everyone.

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To see more photos from the bout visit:

Getting to the Masonic Temple and seeing everyone all dressed up was one thing, but let me tell you, one of the coolest moments was when I was walking up the ramp from the locker rooms into the hall and I could hear that classic breathing Darth Vader noise and I just assumed that Terror Ettes was standing behind me and playing with her sound fx enhanced masked. Nope! I turned around to find 6 Storm Troopers and the man Vader himself.  They just seemed so big in real life and it wasn’t even the first time I had to be photographed with them.  I met a few Storm Troopers at a Weird Al concert recently too!

We were having so much fun before the bout that many of us could have kept on playing rather than get the bout started.  But we owed the fans a game and so we convinced a Jedi to blow the first whistle and get things going. The D-Funk AllStars took on the Grand Prix Madonnas. After a very hard fought game it was the GPM’s that took home the win with a score of 180 over 127.

Not only was it awesome to have all of the Star Wars characters in the house, we also had a special guest announcer, Dumptruck. You may know him better as the raspy voice of roller derby, as he was voted ‘announcer of the year’ in 2010 and 2011 by Derby News Network. He is also a really cool guy! I had the pleasure of talking with him both the Friday before the bout and at the after party Saturday. There were other derby shenanigans I can assure you, but let’s just keep that the nice alcohol induced blur that we have come to appreciate.

Oh, and you know what? This very special night couldn’t have been any better, I had quite a few guests in the temple as well. A big shout out to my friends Gabby, Trevor, Jacob & crew, as well as Earl (and his friends), and Iggy & Jessica!  Thank you all for coming out, and I hope you had just as much fun as I did. And I hope to see you at many more bouts!

Just a reminder, this bout was also SOLD OUT! So if you want to get tickets to the next one on March 2nd, you better do so soon!


Anniversary Fun!

Hi All! Going to try and take some tips from Renegade and make this post a little shorter than the last.  Brief is better right?

Last Saturday was Mike and I’s 16th year anniversary. Yes, you heard me correctly. 16 years. I really wasn’t sure what the heck we were going to do to celebrate. Quite a few years ago, I had figured we would be getting married on this day. Little did I know back then that time is such a huge factor in life.

The paper bag of shame!

We got an early start on the anniversary by going out to dinner at one of my favorite hometown bars, Clubhouse BFD. They specialize in local and craft beers and have a great menu of good old comfort foods. I ordered a Christmas Ale from Goose Island and Mikey fretted over the beer menu until he finally settled on a Bud Light. What can I say, he’s never been an adventurous beer drinker. For starters we had Jameson sautéed onions over cheese & potato pierogies. I had the mac n’cheese while Mike enjoyed the pretzel burger (habanero jack cheese and crispy bacon on a salted pretzel bun).  

Friday I had some NSO business to take care of, but Saturday morning we got up and decided to take a trip down to the Henry Ford Museum. It had been a really long time since Mike had been there, and a decent time for me as well.  I had really wanted to do the Greenfield Village Holiday Nights, but the event was sold out for that weekend. We had a good time looking at all of the old cars, trains and period pieces. One of my favorite exhibits has always been the American Democracy &Civil Rights Collection. With information and items from Lincoln’s abolition of slavery, to Women’s Suffrage, to the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s.

Funny WWII propaganda

We had to head back to the Rochester area since Mike’s mom had a slight plumbing emergency, but while driving home we came up with a plan to do dinner at Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar and a movie at Great Lakes Crossing.  

After a brief pause in the anniversary excitement, we rushed up to GLC and had dinner. We’re not exactly the fanciest of people so beer out of a mason jar, a pulled pork sammie, nachos, and some sweet potato tater tots were on the menu for us. We were able to just finish up in time to rush on over to the theater to catch what seemed like an hour of previews. Finally in keeping with the historic theme, we saw Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln. We both greatly enjoyed the movie. I really didn’t expect so many laugh out loud moments. 

We came home and were both actually quite tired, and had another busy day a head of us. It was a fun little anniversary with only a few little hiccups, but nothing is ever perfect. If he ever gets around to putting that ring on my finger I will be sure to let you know!