Colt’s First Trip to the Park

Earlier this week we finally got a break in the weather and the frigid temps turned into snow-melting relief. Mike and I saw this as the opportunity to finally get outside with Colt.

I believe it was Sunday when I first tied Colt to my chest, put my coat on overtop and wondered into the driveway. I saw our next door neighbor who had been wanting to meet our new little guy, so I stomped down our muddy street to see them.

On Wednesday, Mike and I decided to take our boys for a walk. I decided that it would be easiest to bundle up Colt and use his stroller. We loaded everyone into the van and made our way to River Woods Park.

River Woods is a nice Park that I’ve written a previously on my Diesel Stomping blog. It features a paved pathway and boardwalk along the Clinton River.

The air was starting to get a little crisp, so I had both canopies across the top of the stroller. Colt slept most of the walk, not that I expected anything less. The trails were clear of snow, but there were some large puddles. Mike was on the lookout for a beaver that has been quite busy on the banks of the river. When Mike takes Diesel for walks, they usually take the other side of the river where there is no trail.

It was a brief walk before Colt began to stir and want to be fed again, so we headed back home.

It was a short walk, but long enough for our old dog and new son. It was nice to get outside as a family.


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