That Time We Saw Weezer

Yesterday afternoon I was sitting at work, jealous that my friend Doug was going to see Weezer at Ceasars Windsor that evening.

After I got home from work, I was doing my regular wind down, chilling on the couch and scrolling through Facebook. And what do I come across?  AK has two tickets to Weezer and he’s looking for someone to join him.

I was reluctant at first. I’d already been out the last two nights, did I want to leave Mike at home alone for a third? Eh, can’t hurt to ask right? So I texted AK.

I cleared my scheduled workout with Kraken. Checked with Mike to make sure he was cool with it. And decided why the ef not?

AK thought that sounded like a good idea so he told me to meet him at 7:30.  The show started at 8. In Canada. I got to his house just after 7.

Of course we BS’d for a bit so we didn’t get on the road til after 7:30.

Half way through the tunnel, I pull out my enhanced license. It allows me to cross into Canada without needing a passport. AK says, “I forgot my passport.”

Are you for real? Great.

And yes, I should have known better!  I should have asked before we even got in the car!

So we ask if we can turn around. Nope. They put us straight through to customs. But, we get off easy and the friendly Canadian boarder agent gives a stern look and tells us not to do anything stupid and to come right back after the show. Sweet!!!

A couple of wrong turns later, we arrive, we buy a beer, we find our seats… And the last two songs of the night were amazing! They finished with Undone (The Sweater Song). Yea, you heard me… We caught only the last two songs…

 IMG_20130712_020606I really have no room to complain about that. They were free tickets, and we were basically in the country illegally. It could have been a lot worse. And besides, our seats were 13th row, we were pretty close.

After the show, AK and I met up with Doug and Brian. And they showed us all the pictures they got from the front row. Then we decided to head around back and see if we could meet any of the band.

Canadians are awesome in the fact that they will tell you exactly where the tour buses are located. Americans usually tell you to piss off.

IMG_20130712_085707So we waited with a pretty cool crowd of people. We eventually met Patrick Wilson, Brian Bell, and Scott Shriner.  Yesterday was Scott’s birthday, so we sang “Happy Birthday” to him when he came out. He shared his birthday donut with us.  I got to eat Weezer’s donut!

River Cuomo was a different story, we waited for him for a long time, but all we got was a passing wave. But we had fun waiting for him.

And back to the US. Where of course we got pulled into customs once again. And had the car searched once again. And was asked what kind of people travel to foreign countries without their passport. Just AK.

But we made it back. And once again an adventure was had.

Thanks for the fun time AK, Doug & Brian!

IMG_20130712_085443 IMG_20130712_085303


Mustard Plug & Garbage

It’s been a fun-filled weekend full of music. Music from my youth specifically.

Friday night I met up with Belle Isle Hurtya and her boyfriend in Ypsi. We had dinner at The Wurst Bar. Which I have to say was pretty amazing.  Brats are awesome food as it is, but when you have interesting meats (and non-meats) to choose from, pretzel rolls, a variety of toppings, and tater tots, you really can’t get any better.  I wanted to see how good just a simple brat could be, and had the PBR Poached Brat, on a pretzel roll with caramelized onions and stadium mustard. And how can you choose between regular tots and sweet potato tots? You don’t have to. You can get a mix, and they also come with a marshmellow dipping sauce.  Yummo!

Oh yea, music… not food… that’s what I am writing about…

So Belle and I headed to the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor to catch a band that was one of the soundtracks of my youth, Mustard Plug. When I was in 9th grade I believe, I started listening to some ska but being a young kid without anyone to really guide me, I pretty much just listed to MP’s Evildoers Beware and  the Suicide Machines on repeat, with a little Save Ferris and Mighty Mighty Bosstones mixed in.

The show was great. I was apparently one of the only people left in the state that hadn’t seen them before, but it was fun to dance and sing along with everyone. After 20 years, the guys are still putting on a great show full of energy.

Saturday night, I met Terror Ettes at the Majestic Theater in Detroit to see another great band, Garbage.  Terror and I were both shocked to see how amazing Shirley Manson is looking for being 46 years old.  Her voice was still perfect. They sounded fantastic as they played a mix of songs from both old albums and their latest.

About halfway through the show, Shirley started to talk in her cute little Scottish accent, about a guy who had flown a great distance for a charity thing she had put on, and about how his boyfriend had contacted her when they found out Garbage was going to be in Detroit. And so she invited them both up on to stage where an incredibly adorable marriage proposal took place.  They all posed for a quick picture before getting back to the music.

Garbage @ Majestic - Detroit 3.30.13

Garbage @ Majestic – Detroit 3.30.13

The show was amazing, and Terror and I had a great time.  We drank some beers and had a couple shots of some really fine whiskey… cough… And we were both asked if we could stand elsewhere because we were “too loud.”  I mean it would have been one thing if we were being obnoxious, but I just don’t understand those people that go to concerts and just stand their like a board. It’s music man, dance!