100 More Days

A day late.
There are 99 more days til my due date.
We’ve made progress on quite a few projects. Mike has most of our kitchen cabinets painted. The baby shower invitations have been mailed. The baby furniture has been bought, just waiting on its arrival. Still need to clear out more of the non baby things from the baby’s room. 

I’ve had a few dreams where I felt unprepared for being a mom, but I think a lot of that anxiety will diminish after the shower. I have also had some great dreams of tickling little tiny baby feet, so I’m getting excited to meet our little one.

Today, I leave on an airplane for my last derby trip. I don’t know if I’ll ever get back on the road again if it isn’t to take my little one on great adventures.  Roller Derby has been a huge part of my life for the past 3 years and I have mixed feelings about retirement.

Retirement? I am at least taking this season off to get acclimated to being a mom. Not saying you won’t see me around the flat track, I’ll still be supporting my Stat Army & Detroit Derby Girls. I’ve made too many friends and invested too much of my heart to walk away just yet.  But I’m taking a much needed break from the travel, and the drama, and the stress. 

And what better way to retire than to finish the season off NSOing at the International WFTDA Championships.  I worked hard to earn my place at that track and I’m proud and honored to be given the opportunity.

I’ll get into more about derby when I get back. 

For now, I’m heading back to bed for a little more sleep before I have to leave. I’ll lay there for a while feeling baby kicks and treasuring the few days we have left and trying not to worry about what still needs to get done. 


Pregnancy Dreams: A Record

I’ve had some pretty strange dreams during my pregnancy and Circuit insisted that I document them because she thinks they are hilarious.

I’m not really sure if I can remember them all, or if they are really any more strange than my normal dreams. I think I am just remembering more of them in the morning because I had to get up to pee at least once.

Last night, I dreamt that Captain Smirk and Skid Bro decided that they needed to dedicate more of their lives to playing Men’s derby and they moved to Denver. Jack Asster, Slim Sk8ie, Circuit Broad and myself decided to drive down with them while they got settled and decided to just move there.  And then we began wallpapering our new apartment. I remember calling my boss to tell her I was working from home, and from home I meant Denver, and I wondered if she was going to have a problem with that going forward or if I would need to find a new job.

I was woke up by Mike telling me not to sleep all morning, before I fell back asleep again for a short while to dream that we were now having some sort of tournament in Denver and all the officials I knew were there, but these volunteers kept coming and randomly making people take drug tests.

I have previously dreamt about my mother giving birth to a fully diapered baby. I don’t know if that was supposed to reassure me that labor would be easy.

I also dreamt once that I was working as a receptionist at my ob/gyn office and we received a package in the mail. When I opened it, it only contained a sausage. When I looked to see who it was from, I laughed hysterically because it was from a Ref I know, Danziger. Boy was I going to give him a good laugh the next time I saw him.  Which by the way, I was hoping to see him in Kitchener-Waterloo to tell him about it and he wasn’t there.

If I can remember any more, I will post them up on the blog. Most of you probably think these make zero sense at all and you are right, I don’t get them much either.

NSO Nightmare

I just woke up from this horrible NSO nightmare.

DDG was back playing at Cobo. And all of the stat crew was up on a dais behind a curtain. We could see the track, barely, but no one could see us.

During the second bout of a double header, I was scoreboard operator. The SO controls were printed on some kind of touch sensitive cloth.

I can’t see my Jam Timer, and somehow end up starting the first jam early. And I hear both the crowd and announcers react of course. I’m trying to undo, and they go ahead and start the jam while I’m obviously still trying to get the scoreboard to work right. 

Meanwhile, someone is coming up to me and asking me to sign some kind of ‘get well’ project for someone. And drunk fans are asking me to do birthday shout outs. 

I’m still struggling with the scoreboard controls, but have somehow managed to lose my English version and now all I have is Spanish.

I woke up just as I remembered seeing 2 non-bouting skaters grab white boards and walk towards the track.

Scoreboard Fail.

On the Go: Dreams of Hot Dogs


If this dream was partially real, I think AK would be in heaven.

The dream I had this morning started with me in Detroit, I think I was leaving the Masonic.  And I wanted to get some food. I ended up with some strange guy who was going to this place called Bert’s just down the street. Bert’s was apparently some kind of hidden Detroit Gem that sold all kinds of hot dogs.

So we get there, he tells me what he’s getting, it sounds great so I order the same. He pays with a card, and casually asks the guy behind the counter when the last time the place was raided by the cops. The guy responds that it’s been a while.  I’m like, okay…  So I hand my card to the lady, and I turn around and the guy I was with is sneaking out a side door…

So, I’m eating.. really good hot dogs… but I’m still waiting for this lady to come back with my debit card. And the wouldn’t you know it, SWAT team comes flying in all around. 

The place is so good, that known criminals will risk eating there. 

I’m standing there. People are getting arrested. It’s a pretty calm situation for the most part. And I still need my debit card.  After waiting a while, and seeing that the police want nothing to do with me, I start slowly making my way to the office to try and find the lady who took my card.

But I can’t find anyone or anything. I’m following even telephone wires looking for the card reader. 

Long story short, I eventually find her, she leads me to my card, and tells me her life story.  The end. 

Now I’m hungry…

Dreams of Vegas

One of my leaguemates is getting married in Vegas soon. I know a few of her teammates are heading out to spend the special day with her and tear it up Vegas style, so this must be the subconscious thought that leaked into my dreams last night.

I dreamt that quite a few of my league had travelled to Vegas for the wedding. There were so many of us that a local team offered to set up a track at the hotel and let us scrimmage.  It was a really awesome, relaxed atmosphere allowing us to come and go throughout the day.

I remember finishing up a scrimmage and meeting up with Mayor and his friend Pete to go explore the casino floor. We were looking for a good place too eat. 

When we got back to the track, they were just getting started with another scrimmage, and just like at Wednesday practices, I wrangled up all of my NSO friends and we got all the positions covered the best we could.

All these thoughts of Vegas and Roller Derby are making me wonder if I should be considering RollerCon as a destination this summer…

On the Go: Dreams of Hank

I dream about Henry Rollins all the time. And no, not in a sexy way or even romantic. But in a wow, what a cool guy kind of way.

Last night’s dream had me waking up to the over abundance of snow (wonder where that came from, lol). I had gone outside to shovel out my car, when I noticed all of the neighbors gathering and helping one another. One of those neighbors being Hank. 

So after my initial awe at seeing Hank clearing snow, I joined in, with the punk rock blasting (even at 6am as I noted) and we continued to dig out the neighborhood.

Later, I decided I needed to find Hank’s house. And like a scene described by the ever enthusiastic Henry, I broke in. And he found me. And there was much explaining to do.

Thankfully, I was saved by a group of neighborhood housewives that showed up and invited themselves in. They somehow convinced him to make tacos and we had an awkward, but lovely time.