Internet Addictions: Girl Stories

Two stories I have been following on the internet lately.

First, it’s nearly 90 episodes in, but The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, is a cute, modern take on Jane Austin’s Pride & Prejudice that is totally worth watching from the beginning. Each character has its own special uniqueness that really brings the story alive, be sure to subscribe to the spin-offs as well.

Second, a web comic I learned about while listening to the Sex Nerd Sandra podcast.  Danielle Corsetto writes and illustrates Girls With Slingshots.  Updated 5 times a week, GWS follows two best friends through life, love and relationships. I am only 200 comics in, but they are nice quick reads, and I have no idea how many more before I am caught up.

Quick screen cap of Girls With Slingshots

Quick screen cap of Girls With Slingshots

I hope to have more Internet Addictions for you in the future so stay tuned!