Potty Training PT 1

This weekend was supposed to be our first stab at potty training. Some will say that at just over 2 years old, he’s still too young. However Colt has been showing some good signs. 

We’ve had occasional success putting Colt on the potty when he’s woken up dry from a nap, or after his bath. This last week especially, he’s been telling me when he has a dirty diaper. He has also started insisting on wearing his pull-ups rather than diapers.

Since he’s now in the Twaddler classroom at school, I wanted to jump start the idea with him. See if I could make him more aware. Fully going into it knowing he may not be ready. But of course secretly hoping. 

We woke up this morning, and like every morning this week Colt’s asked to get out of his wet diaper. I put a pullup on him and then we ate breakfast like normal. After breakfast he told me he went pee so I took off the diaper and told him that we were going to try to use the potty today. I let him play naked from the waste down. I told him he would get a sticker every time he pee-pee’d in the potty. 

I set an alarm on my phone to go off every 15 minutes. At first Colt was pretty receptive. He had a juice box. I read him books as he sat. But it was about 2 hours later and he still hadn’t pee’d. I gave him a second juice box and he finally had an accident. We cleaned it up and went back to sitting on the potty. 

For the next 2 hours, it seemed every time Colt got up from sitting after a while he’d have another accident. We tried putting him in underpants to try to make it a little less comfortable and he just didn’t seem to be bothered by the wetness. 

Admittedly, my patience was not in an ideal place. Colt’s been testing me lately. Doing things he knows he shouldn’t and working to get a reaction. So paring that with potty training just caused battles between Momma telling Colt to pull up his pants, and him defiantly pulling them down. 

I didn’t have a great mindset going into this morning. I wasn’t sure if Mike was going to be a willing partner, he’s not good at not staying busy. I started coming down with a cold and my period was starting. But I didn’t want to be the reason we held back. I kick myself for not being better prepared. I know it will happen. And that it can’t be rushed. 

I’m choosing now to focus on having fun during the great weather this weekend. We’ll try again another time! 


Growing Boy

Colt is growing into a little boy so fast. While I have accepted for a while now that he’s a toddler, it’s becoming very evident that we are way out of the baby stage now. 

In April, Colt will be moving into the Twaddler class at daycare, meaning that they will now be focusing on group activities… And potty training. Mike and I have decided to work in conjunction with daycare and start being more focused on potty training at home too. 

Colt has been showing signs of being ready. He generally goes off alone to poop (at least at home). He occasionally let’s us know that he has gone, or needs to “go poop”. He’s been fighting his diaper changes lately. He is very interested in watching (and helping) Dada and I go potty. Offering TP and to flush for us. He’s willing to sit on his potty for a while, and has even used it a few times. 

I’ve read a lot about the 3-day or weekend method of potty training where you basically have potty training boot camp. It either seems to work right away, or it’s a great jump start. Either way, I think we’ll be trying it, along with using pull-ups during the day. I know it can be a long process. 

Today, since I had a surprise day off, Colt and I went to Babies R Us and we picked up a few things; new sheets and blanket for his bed, big boy underwear, a seat for the big potty, and a book about going potty. The plan is to swap out his crib side with the toddler rail this weekend and hopefully get him used to a big boy bed before we start potty training. 

I know it’s not going to be easy. We’re going to take it one day at a time. This will be all new for all of us. I’ll keep you posted. 

20 Months! 

From month to month I continue to see growth in Colt that I am still amazed at. Yes, he’s getting big, he can use a untinsil to eat, he loves to climb, he’s independent, he’s even talking and singing more. It’s his emotional growth that leaves me in awe. 

His teachers tell me that Colt is always friendly with the new kids in class. They appreciate also that he’s usually there early and that helps the new kids transition. But besides that, I’ve heard how loving and caring he is. Twice he’s melted my heart when he’s consoled friends when they were upset. Gently patting their backs, while quietly speaking to them in his little toddler gibberish.

It’s that behavior that makes me a proud momma. It also reassures me that I chose an awesome daycare. Besides an incredible academic experience that includes math, science, physical fitness, and language, his daycare also believes that etiquette and philanthropy are necessary for raising good people. The proof is in his behavior. 

In the past few weeks, other than the stories from his teachers Colt’s become more affectionate, he’s been very well behaved at dinner, he’s better at holding hands while we walk, and has overall just been well-behaved. That’s not to say he doesn’t throw fits. We’ve had our moments, Colt is still an independent toddler with selective hearing. 

With all the hate going on right now. The shootings, black lives matter, sexual assaults, Syrian refugees, and the presidential election. There is so much anger in the world. But looking at my son, innocent and unknowing, he reminds me that there are good people out there. And it’s going to take those good people to keep teaching our children to be good, kind, caring, and charitable. Colt is my reason for believing that we can be the change we need. 

A New Room

Well sort of… 

I didn’t have to work Friday, so of course that meant that Colt was wide awake at 6am. As I rolled over, rubbed my bleary eyes, and stared at the black and white image on the baby monitor, I watched as Colt stood at his crib rail. I laid there, trying to use some sort of telepathy to woo him back to sleep. He grunted out his usual commands to come get him. And then Click! The screen flashed, and like Dorothy waking up in the land of Oz, my son stood in full color on the screen. Click! And again a flash, back to the darkness and night vision illumination. Click! Click! Click! The light flashed in the hall. Time to get up.  

Colt’s newfound reach of the light switch only meant trouble. You can’t put a toddler to bed when he’s not tired, and not expect the light to get turned back on. It looked like I’d be reorganizing his room. 

And it worked out pretty well actually. I moved the glider we no longer sit in and rock out of his room. Moved a dresser to the closest, his changing table to the opposite side. His crib is now along the inside wall. His toy bins are now in the one corner along with his bookshelf, and beanbag chair. Giving him a little area to relax and play. 

It’s starting to look like a big kids room. I didn’t really miss the glider til just now. It’s so very true that you never know when you’ll rock your baby for the last time. Rocking and singing was slowly replaced with hugs and “night, night”. And tender kisses on the forehead with sloppy wet kisses back. For every memory of that tiny infant that you miss, there’s a new milestone to be excited for. 


My heart is aching. I feel like I could vomit. And tears have been welling up in my eyes. 

Last night a young boy was killed by a wild animal in a place that was meant to have a lifetime of wonderful memories. But in the upcoming days a family has to return home from vacation with a body and prepare for a funeral. It fucking sucks.

I can’t even imagine the pain, guilt and desperation that family is going through  and will continue to deal with forever. All I know is that it makes me want to hug my child close and never let him go. 

I can’t even really explain how much this pains me. I’m lying in bed thinking about how I have to eventually teach Colt what to do if he’s lost. That I have to teach him that adults are there to help, but that he also needs to be aware of strangers. And then I shake the thoughts out of my mind because I don’t want to rush this. He’s my baby.

I think about how independent he is, and how proud I am of that. He’s content playing on his own occasionally. And then I worry about when he’s older. Will I feel secure enough to let him be on his own? Will I let him ride his bike down the street? Around the block? To the park?

I think about all of the exciting places that I want to travel with him to; Yellowstone, The Smithsonian, The Empire State Building, The Grand Canyon. But now these places seem terrifying. What if there’s an accident? An emergency? A fucking terrorist attack? I have to remind myself that life continues. That there are far more great days than bad. And common sense and awareness can get you through most of it pretty safe. 

I have inherited the exhaustive worrying every mother gets. How I cope with it will be how Colt remembers me. Until then I’m going to not miss a single moment where I can steal a hug, kiss the top of his head, or tell him I love him. 


Colt is a year old now, so the frequency in which I’m asked, “So when are you going to have another?” has steadily increased.

It’s nothing against Colt, in fact, it’s because of him, Mike and I have said we’re good with just him. He’s been a great kid. My pregnancy was enjoyable and without any concerns. Labor and delivery was as smooth as I could ask for. Besides a little jaundice, and the occasional virus, he’s been healthy. And he’s been a pretty well behaved kid. 

If anything, Colt is making me a better person.

I won’t deny that I had a temper growing up. Not so much as a young kid, but as a teen, and young adult, I was kind of an asshole. I still have issues with my temper, but not like before.

It took time to not let work stuff get me riled up. Sometimes deadlines get pushed, sometimes your stuck without the resources you need, sometimes your just stuck dealing with stupid. And Mike told me early on to leave that nonsense at the office. There was no sense in letting it ruin my night if there was nothing I could do about it. And that’s when I also adopted the motto, “it’s not rocket surgery” (yes a play with the two common phrases). You do your best with the time you’ve got.

I used to get angry at Mike and I’d be ready for a good argument and he’d never give me one. And that used to infuriate me even more. But now I try to respect him, I try to refocus, and then I try to communicate why I’m upset. Screaming and yelling doesn’t do any good, if the other person isn’t listening.

So I’ll admit, that there are times that Colt tests my patience. And it’s easy to get upset when he doesn’t want to nap,  when he flings his food around, when he fights getting dressed, or my new favorite, fussing when I try to brush his teeth. And it’s hard. It’s hard not to take it personally. It’s hard not to feel like a failure. It’s hard not to worry that your son will grow up to think you’re awful, or that your husband will think your a bitch.

I hear the stories from other moms about colicky babies, babies that won’t sleep, babies that have trouble with nursing/formula/allergies. I see your picky eaters, your nap time meltdowns, the kids that hit and bite. And I’m not saying that Colt will never be that kid. He already has his moments. But for the sake of me, for my sanity, for Mike’s, I think our family size is just right. 

Heck, I could probably come up with 100 reasons why not to have another kid.  And I can come up with some really good reasons to have another kid too. But right now, it’s just not in the cards.

Now, who wants to buy some of these infant things I don’t need!

Real Food?

I started off with this whole “making my own baby food” mentality. I was good at it. I made all kinds of purees for him. Vegetables? No problem. Fruit? Nailed it.

And then I started running out of ideas for purees. I have a whole cookbook on baby food and I was terrified to feed kiddo quinoa. It was an exotic food to me, it would be extraterrestrial to him!

Beets. Blueberries. Zucchini. Pumpkin. None of that scared me. Introducing more “regular” foods became tougher, and I had to get those foods to school too. So I fell back on the baby foods. Mac and Cheese made with a carrot sauce? Sure! Turkey and Root Veggies? Great! Hell, I even offered him some of the funkier grains too! But, even that, was difficult, the more “unique” food items were more expensive.

But we have managed for a few months now. And Colt ate his Thanksgiving feast like a champ. Followed that up with leftover Turkey Pot Pie. And hell, even devoured a few meals worth of Hasenpfeffer (Rabbit Stew). And his little stunt, where he would only eat certain foods for the ladies at daycare seems to have finally ended. Not kidding the kid would not eat fruit at home, only at daycare. 

Currently Colt eats just about all day.

6:30 AM: 6 oz bottle formula
7:00 AM: Snack (Cheerios, Graham Crackers, or fruit)
9:00 AM: 6 oz bottle formula, and breakfast (cereal, yogurt, oatmeal or applesauce)
12:00 PM: 6 oz cup formula, and some kind of lunch (about 4 oz or so fruit, veggies, leftovers).
3:00 PM: 6 oz cup formula, and a snack (puffs, crackers, fruit, veggies, cheerios, whatever finger foods).
5:30 PM: cup of water and dinner (either pre-made or something Mike and I are eating).
7:30 PM: 8 oz bottle formula

And yes, I know, Colt is a growing boy. And if he’s hungry, feed him. And he’s not overweight. Though, I do see him next to toddlers and think he looks like a giant baby next to them. 

I guess I am just worried that if I take away his biggest source of calories, he’s going to starve.

I picked up a copy of his school’s menu. They offer a morning snack, lunch and an afternoon snack. I have been trying to use it as inspiration for meals for Colt. Examples: AM Snack of a half a banana and milk. Ok that’s doable. Lunch; whole wheat mac-n-cheese, broccoli, fruit, and milk. Ok yea, I can do that.

And yet, I still have those moments where Colt takes like 3 bites of something Mike and I are eating and I think, how on Earth are you going to survive when I stop giving you a bottle.  I guess I am going to take it one day at a time. I mean, he’s already getting 2 cups a day, so I can start getting him down to only 2 bottles a day, and then cut out the breakfast bottle and eventually the before bed bottle.

And just when I had stopped giving thought to this and started focusing on other things, I get to daycare to pick up Colt the other day, and his teacher asks, “Is Colt on school lunch?” “No, I’ve been thinking about it,” I replied. “Oh cause everyone is off today and no one was sure, and he always eats with the big kids. Well, he had sloppy joes and veggies today. And he ate it all!”

Now I am back to considering enrolling him in school lunch with the start of the year.

edit: Since starting back to daycare in the new year, I have increased his cup count from 2 to 4. He is now waking up and having a sippy cup of formula in his high chair while Mike and I get ready for work. Then he has two more cups of formula at school and a cup of water. However, before bed he’s still getting a bottle. We’ll keep working on that one.

He’s also started on the school lunches. After I talked to his teacher the first day back she pretty much agreed that he’s good to go. He’s been eating all of the other kids foods anyway, so why not! 


10 Months!

photogrid_1448933178245.jpgOk yea, the fact that we are coming close to a year already is crazy. It scares me and excites me! I know my days of having a baby are limited, the signs are everywhere. From the way he communicates, the way he plays, the way he eats even. All signs that my little boy is becoming a toddler.

This last month has seen a huge leap in Colt’s abilities. From crawling, he now walks all over the place using his walk-behind toys. You can’t keep that kid down at all. He is constantly on the go, go, go! I mean I hardly get photos of him any more where a part of him isn’t blurry. I mean seriously, I couldn’t get him to look at me for anything when I took his 10 month photo. Dad is jumping up and down behind me.

And it’s a ton of fun, watching him zip all over the house. Watching him dare himself to take a hand off his toy, or catch himself clapping while standing. It’s exhausting most days too. I think I say “Colt” about a thousand times a day now.

If he’s not walking or crawling all over, he’s climbing on the couch. Or trying to grab at everything on the end tables. Or opening and slamming cupboards. He’s also very fond of banging things, and he’s learned how to throw. His highchair blocks seem to make it into 3 rooms now with a quick sweep of his arm.

But, when Colt isn’t running amok, he’s really good at stacking blocks, and putting round things in round holes, like his shape sorter bucket, or the balls in the holes in his car. His attention to details is becoming more evident. He’s always exploring things, turning them over and over. And of course tasting everything.

And tasting everything is an understatement. Colt will eat an entire meal and  as soon as you put one thing in your mouth he’s standing there, mouth agape. And he’ll eat and eat and eat. And then still turn around and have a big bottle before bed. He refuses to eat sweet things while at home, but is pretty good about eating whatever his teachers feed him. I think it’s the atmosphere and seeing all of the other kids eating. Though, I’d love to see how they do it.

I am slowly introducing more finger foods to Colt’s diet. He’s still pretty happy about being spoon fed, and he’ll occasionally try to grab the spoon and do it himself. Which is really more like him just trying to chew on the spoon rather than actually eating. I have given him things like scrambled egg (yolks only), and mashed potatoes. Much more ends up on the floor than in his mouth.  But he’s working at it. Puffs don’t seem to miss his mouth as much, funny.

Oh, and not to mention, he’s up to 3 teeth now. The mysterious upper lateral incisor that appeared first, followed by his two lower central incisors. I was calling him snaggletooth earlier. There’s signs that those two upper incisors are coming. I keep singing “All I want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth”.

Which reminds me, Colt started rocking out to the music his car makes when you push the radio button. In fact, he learned that if he opens and closes the door often enough, it’ll play a song. Kicking his door back and forth and jamming out when the song would play. So, I got out my phone, turned on Toddler radio on Pandora and he was so happy!

Colt is still sleeping really well still too. With the exception being the other weekend while we were up north, he sleeps about 10 to 10 and a half hours a night. Going to bed somewhere between 7 and 8, and waking up in the 6 o’clock hour.

Other than feeling like I am constantly on the verge of either getting or ending a cold, and feeling pretty tired most days (thanks work!), I am doing pretty good. Mike thinks I need to find myself a hobby for when Colt goes to bed each night. He’s got his workshop and a project he’s always working on. I thought I’d be blogging more but even that doesn’t really fill my time much any more. And I’m not ready to go back to derby, with how far away practice is from me. I could always join a local league, but I’m just not interested in the time commitment right now, (nor the drama, for that matter).  I had the slightest inclination to get back into jewelry making, especially with a workshop in my garage, but even that I wasn’t that great at in high school.

Ah well, this little cutie is keeping me quite busy nonetheless.