Baby Blues pt. 2

Yesterday turned out to not be so bad.

When Mike first packed up Colt and headed out the door, I was actually kind of mad.  Who was he to decide what was best? Why did he get to leave and I didn’t? Maybe I just needed a family outing with all three of us? Maybe I needed to get out alone?

That’s when I went to my room and cried. And then wrote yesterday’s post. 

When I had finished writing, Mike was tiptoeing back into the house, trying not to wake me.  I asked what he was up to, and he was changing so he could work on his van. 

“Dare I ask where our son is?”
“He’s at your mom’s. If you’re not going to nap, maybe get outside, it’s really nice out.”

Mike continued to work on his van, and I decided that getting outside did sound like a good idea. 

I went for a drive, stopped at a few stores.  Funny that I couldn’t think of anything to buy for myself, besides a delicious Dr. Pepper.  After about an hour and a half or so I headed back home. Apparently, I just really needed a moment to myself to regroup and focus.

Mike had just finished working on the van so we took a moment to sit together on the couch and talk of course about Colt. We checked in with my mom and Colt was doing great. We dropped off another bottle and took the opportunity to go to dinner. 

Colt did great over at his grandmother’s,  playing with his aunts.  He only napped for a little while and instead had a blast laying on the floor on his back kicking.

Mike and I both realized that we are both very independent people who like to do everything ourselves and rarely ask for help. As much as I fought it at first yesterday, it was a much needed break.  We’re all a lot better today, even if we did lose an hour of sleep. 

Spring is right around the corner. Can’t wait to be able to get out more and not be as restricted by weather or baby needs.


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