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Hi There!

So much has changed in the last year that I had to update my ‘About Me’ page.

Where I was once dating my high school sweetheart, Mike, I’m now excited to call him my husband.

I’m also a new mom to my amazing son, Colt.

The 3 of us share a cute home in the suburbs with our beloved old German Shepherd, Diesel.

I have spent the past 10 years working at a large staffing company, where I’m now a System Admin.

Over the last 3 years, I’ve spent my spare time volunteering as a Non-Skating Official for the WFTDA and the Detroit Derby Girls.

This blog will feature posts about motherhood, roller derby, travel, and more. I’ll also share recipes and photos. I love to write, and share my adventures, so please feel free to comment and follow.


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The Jury Duty Experience PT 4


After spending a week plus on jury duty and then not getting a chance to hand over a verdict, I was really disappointed. A few times, I have gone onto the county website with a hope of finding out somehow what the verdict of the re-trial, if there was one.

Today, I decided to email the Prosecutor’s office and just see if I could find out. I was surprised to learn that my email was forwarded to the Prosecutor and she responded personally.

The Court set a new trial date the following week.  At its conclusion, the jury convicted both Defendants of Possession with Intent to Deliver Fentanyl… and Possession with Intent to Deliver Cocaine…  They convicted Defendant 1 additionally of Possession with Intent to Deliver Heroin…; Possession of Ammunition by a Felon; and Maintaining a Drug House.  They acquitted Defendant 1of Possession of Oxycodone and Possession of Marijuana.

Defendant 1 was sentenced to 18 years to 40 years in prison as a Habitual Third Felony Offender.

Defendant 2 was sentenced to 6 years to 20 years in prison.

Names were redacted**

I am so glad to hear that the next jury was able to come to the same conclusion that I think the majority of my fellow jurors would have come to. Justice seems to have been served!

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