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Hi There!

So much has changed in the last year that I had to update my ‘About Me’ page.

Where I was once dating my high school sweetheart, Mike, I’m now excited to call him my husband.

I’m also a new mom to my amazing son, Colt.

The 3 of us share a cute home in the suburbs with our beloved old German Shepherd, Diesel.

I have spent the past 10 years working at a large staffing company, where I’m now a System Admin.

Over the last 3 years, I’ve spent my spare time volunteering as a Non-Skating Official for the WFTDA and the Detroit Derby Girls.

This blog will feature posts about motherhood, roller derby, travel, and more. I’ll also share recipes and photos. I love to write, and share my adventures, so please feel free to comment and follow.


Recent Posts

2018 Health Check 

The healthiest I have ever felt was when I was pregnant with Colt. Mike and I were eating well, my pregnancy was going well and overall I had only gained a bit more than 10 pounds.

I quickly lost the weight I had gained, plus some, by breastfeeding/pumping over the first year after Colt was born. Again, Mike and I maintained a pretty good diet. And as Colt began to eat solid food, I would spend my weekends steaming and blending all sorts of foods for him to eat.

Once Colt became a toddler, things got a little more tricky. Always a good eater at school, by the time it was time to eat dinner he was no longer hungry and therefore quite picky. We got used to convenience foods. Still not a lot of processed foods, I would still agree he gets pretty good meals, but still not awesome.

I found myself not eating great over especially the last year. But since all my clothes still fit, I assumed it was balancing out. Somehow. I did start noticing that occasionally my stomach would just feel like crap after dinner. I assumed it was due to drinking too much pop again. For a good while, I gave up soda, and I was trying to eat better. And I did feel better.

Go figure, I let that slip during the holidays. Eating too much Halloween candy, snacking on too much Thanksgiving pie, and indulging too much at Christmas. I didn’t think much of it. Again, my clothes still fit.

Last Thursday, I was at work on back-to-back conference calls when I heard the boys talking about going to Buffalo Wild Wings. Having just missed a lunch date there earlier, I was interested in going but couldn’t get off the phone. Brad offered to bring some back for me.

About 2pm a pain started behind my shoulder blades. By the time I was driving to get Colt at 4:30, it was worse. And by the time we got home, it was almost unbearable. The pain had moved around and was now in my right abdomen just under my rib cage. I kept trying to lay down but I just couldn’t get comfortable. Unlike labor, the pain was constant, and I knew I wasn’t coming home with a baby. I had to laugh about it.

I laughed and joked pretty much all night. From the trip into the ER, with the nurses and other medical staff, even with the pharmacist after getting released. It is such a common ailment, and a routine procedure, I really couldn’t feel scared.

I had my follow up appointment with the surgeon the next day. He reviewed my ultrasound, and agreed, there were stones so he wanted to go ahead and remove it. Sooner rather than later. We went ahead and scheduled it for the following Friday.

I spent the week watching what I eat, or more like fearing every food that could possibly cause another gallstone attack. Which basically meant that I ate saltines for 3 days and then started to be a little more brave. I have felt pretty good up until today, Thursday, but I think I am just being overly cautious.

Tomorrow morning I am due to have the surgery. I will take Colt to school and then my mom will bring me to the hospital. Mike will be available to pick Colt back up. And then over the weekend I think Colt will spend some time at my mom’s.

I am hoping that this will be a needed change in my diet going forward, and that it can be a reminder to encourage Colt to eat healthy. Go figure this is how I get to spend the start of 2018.

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