Free Time

I have a really sad confession to make.

I’m bored.

Yes, I am aware that I have a new baby. He is amazing to play with, read to, sing to, take pictures of. He amazes me every day. Like today he was doing a really great job of holding up his head and doing little “baby pushups.” And as he gets older and the weather continues to get nicer there will be more things to do.

So I must have like a ton of cleaning to do right? Remember how I told you that I have a pretty awesome husband, yea, well he’s also kind of a clean freak. Yesterday, he vacuumed the whole house and cleaned up the kitchen and finished the laundry I had started the night before. We’re both pretty good at keeping things tidy (for now). He’s actually out in the old garage (that he cleaned out yesterday too) knocking out drywall so we can get started on our next house project, Laundry Room 2.0.

Last night, he mentioned it again, I need a hobby. Something to keep me occupied while Colt sleeps. And he isn’t wrong. Until recently, my “hobby” was roller derby. Only derby kept me out of the house, far out of the house at times, and away on the weekends. I need a house hobby.

I hate yarn, so I will not be knitting or crocheting. I have tried my hand at making jewelry, and I get bored easy. I suppose I could start reading all of these books I own. Gardening is more like work (and another project I have for this spring anyway). And yes, I do occasionally find time to write this blog. I guess I could exercise but come-on who really likes doing that? Oh, I’m baking right now, that’s a thing. And money is kind of an issue too. Kids are expensive.

Perhaps what I need is focus. I need a way to channel my projects into actions. In fact, I am so unfocused, I’ve already walked away from this post once. Well, my time seems to be coming to an end. I hear junior stirring in his swing, and my banana bread has only a few more minuets in the oven.

What was it I was saying again…


So Close, So Far

One more sleep in my bed before my journey.

A few things that keep running through my head:

Do I have everything? I downloaded an app so I can make sure I am taking everything but I don’t like it so I uninstalled it and downloaded another, but if I just put more effort into making sure I was fully packed than playing with my phone, but oh, what is this, Top 10 Things Everyone Should Do In London Before They Die….

It’s the farthest away from home I have ever been: 3,750 miles as the crow files.

It’s the longest I have ever been away from home: 12 days

It’s the longest flight I will have ever been on: 8 hours

Do Not Fuck It Up! You are going there to officiate some of the best derby you have ever officiated. 6 Sanctioned Bouts. Do it for the evals, do it for Stat Army, do it for Detroit. And Don’t Fuck It Up!

So they found that missing airplane right? I mean that couldn’t happen again so soon? I mean not a plane bound for Amsterdam right? Hehe. Amsterdam.

I hope the weather is nice. If it could just not rain every day I will be so happy.

I wonder how many pints of Guinness I will actually drink? Do they have Black and Tan’s over there? Would I look like a wuss if I asked for a Guinness and Cider. Mmmm… Guinness and Cider….

What if I bought the wrong kind of power converter and all of my electronics blow up? I better not lose my phone again. I will cry.

How the hell am I going to get any work done tomorrow when I am so filled with anticipation!?

Yea, so that’s part of my brain going a million miles a minute.


One month in to this year and things are starting to work out as I haven’t planned them.

I am trying to not anxiously fill up every moment of my life and just letting life happen.

And so far, its working out great.

Opportunities are coming up that I wouldn’t have had the chance for if I had been too busy filling up my calendar with stuff.

Hopefully, I can keep at it. Keep breathing. And taking the time to relax, so that I can continue to let the more important, bigger opportunities continue.

Sorry for being vague, but one of the more exciting things to happen I want to keep secret for a bit while longer yet. And no, I’m not pregnant. That I will be sure to announce with some flair.

I’ll keep you posted.

For now, go get your tickets to the next Detroit Derby Girls Double Header, February 8th at the Masonic Temple. Do it! I want to see you there!

Monthly Update


Things I should have been blogging about all month and didn’t.

Early in October my sister got married. It was a beautiful autumn wedding. Her accent clot was red. Both families had a wonderful turnout. The ceremony was cute and straight to the point. The food was great. The hall was perfect. And we danced the night away. I’ll post more when the pictures come back.

The following weekend was the Detroit Derby Girls Season Opener. I was Head NSO and Mayor was Head Ref. The D-Funk Allstars narrowly beat The Pistolwhippers. It was a close game. Hard fought. And everyone felt good about it. The after party was at a place called 3rd Street. They are known for their ‘dangerously delicious’ pies. And they were really good!

The next weekend was spent in Chicago. The Detroit Derby Girl Allstars played in a double header against Windy City. Circuit Broad, Jack Asster, and Robyn D’Cradle all drove out to NSO. We also had Hi-Death and AK 40oz along with us to announce. Our friends, Nora Leaf and Phil in the Blank were nice to offer us their home to stay at for the night. The doubleheader went really well. And the after parties were a blast.

That Sunday, Nora made us a tremendous breakfast buffet and we enjoyed telling stories and laughing the morning away. That afternoon, the six of us headed down to the lake shore and took in some sights. We ate a great sushi lunch and got back on the road to Michigan. Albeit, a little later than planned.

This weekend, Mike started the construction on our new garage. Or as Mike calls it, not new but ‘bigger, better garage’. This new addition to the house will open up our spare bedrooms from having to be storage rooms. This will also give us the excuse to tear that disgusting enclosed porch off the back of the house and build a deck.

Oh, and it is also my birthday today. I’m 31. I’m not ashamed of my age. Those are 30 incredible years behind me. I’ve lived, learned, and loved so much. I cannot wait for the next 30.

Up Next: Halloween, Jes & Bri’s Halloween Party, WFTDA Champs in Milwaukee, and DDG’s Double Header.

Getting Fancy

I am an impulse shopper.  I won’t tell you how much I spent, but I will say that I am typing this out on my new Microsoft Surface. I bought the awesome added type keyboard cover, and a mobile hotspot. I am hoping that this will start keeping me up to date with all of the writing I want to get done.

I guess we will see.

I’ll be taking you along to playoffs.

So far, I am really digging how small and compact this is and how easy it is to use.

Still getting my apps configured and setting up my preferences.

One thing I guess I will have to learn is how to add pictures from my Dropbox to the tablet.


I have realized that I have been spending a lot of time waiting on things to happen and not just letting things happen.

I am waiting for announcements.

I am waiting for emails.

I am waiting for bouts.

I am waiting for picnics and parties, and other events.

But then I remember that at least two weekends I recently spent with Mike up state. And that was nice and full of not doing anything.

And I realize that a lot of the things I am waiting on really aren’t that bad to be waiting on. I mean, I am living my life to quite the fullest of abilities right now. And there are going to be plenty of times to stop and smell the roses. 

I told myself that this was going to be the year I did it all.  I was going to travel. I was going to get certified as an NSO. I was going to make the most out of this year and leave nothing for regrets. I hope that my 31st year on this planet brings new and exciting challenges.

I started thinking about this post because I was worried I was spending my entire summer waiting for things.  But I am not so worried about it now. It’s not waiting… It’s anticipation.


On the Go: Absent Thoughts

Besides being pretty busy lately, I think another reason I haven’t been posting as much was because the WordPress App wasn’t on my main screen like it was on my old phone.  I know pretty lame. Outta sight, outta mind. 

I had been at least keeping up with the mini posts.

I’ve made a place for it on my home screen. And I’m going to try and take those few minutes to get back to writing. And less of those minutes to play Candy Crush. There, that’s another confession. I don’t even like that kind of game usually, and I’m only on like, level 30.

Keep me in check, if you think I’ve been slacking off, post up on the Zombies & Robots Facebook Page. I’d love to hear from you!

New and Improved!

Ta Da! Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the newly designed Zombies & Robots: A Love Story.

As many of you have probably already figured out, back in January I moved from Blogger to WordPress. I even bought my own domain;  It was a huge step in making myself more committed to writing. I have had a few “Oh dear god what have I done” moments, but introducing the new site to you has been an extremely satisfying and joyous occasion.

Above you will see my new banner designed for me by my dear friend Tig O’Hitties.  I contacted Tig after she began designing Facebook banners and other graphics for the Detroit Derby Girls Facebook page.  And I have to say, she was more than awesome to work with, and she handled my very silly sketches very well and was able to produce for me something straight out of my mind.

One thing that I have learned from Roller Derby is that if you ever need anything, someone in the league has it or does it, or knows some one that does.  Lawyers, doctors, (super awesome) graphic designers, chemical engineers, mediators, librarians, (extremely handsome) FedEx package handlers, heating and cooling specialists. Roller Derby has them all.

One of my favorite stories I tell people is about when Mike and I first bought our home. We needed to have A/C installed and a friend of ours gave us a name of someone that has always provided a good deal. We called and called and this chick never seemed to have the time for us. Then my friend mentions that she’s been laid up for a bit with a broken leg. How’d she break that leg? Derby. I use my smart phone to look up her contact info in Facebook, find out what team she plays for and strike up a conversation… One thing leads to the next and she’s got her guys out to our house the next week.  And I made a new friend.

For those of you interested in working with Tig O’Hitties on your own projects, you can email her at  Although Tig has been working under her government name for a number of years, she has only recently began freelancing for roller derby leagues and friends. Educated at Detroit’s own College for Creative Studies, Tig has a keen understanding of what the customer wants, and is detail-focused. She comes highly recommend by myself and as one friend has stated “[That banner] is awesweet! … That is awesome & sweet together. Or, awesomely sweet.” (Thanks Doug!)

Keep checking back as I add new features to the blog.  And while you’re here, be sure to visit my other pages up top… Read my About Me, View my Instagram feed, check out Events I’ll be at, and wander off into the great unknown with links on my Items of Internet Interest.

The Adventures of Charles Rowland Jackson

The following is an essay I wrote for my Comp 101 class as a sophomore in college, dated 3/24/2003. The story is still quite amusing, and my writing a bit juvenile (but isn’t it still?). The basis for this essay, an interview and a log kept by my great-grandfather, was a spark that would ignite my love of writing, and my desire to chronicle my life. 

Until just recently, I had never heard anything about my great-great grandfather. There were no living relatives who had met him. As far as I knew there was no one to pass the great stories of his life down through the generations to me. It wasn’t until recently that my grandmother shared with me a significant story in his life.

My grandmother received an envelope in the mail one day from a distant cousin living in Canada. Contained in the envelope was a little piece of history not yet known. Inside was an interview from an unknown author, and a log. These documents came to me in a typed, translated form; I have never seen the originals, but what I do know of is a great narrative about a trip Charles Rowland Jackson made in 1885.

Charles Rowland Jackson was born September 5th, 1857 in Newport, Kentucky. His family was engaged in raising horses, possibly some of the greatest Kentucky Thoroughbreds ever reared on its Blue Grass. Charles was tiny, agile and bright, and it was thought that he might one day be a superb jockey.

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