Happy Birthday Colt!


12 Months! A Year Old! Can you believe it?

It’s baffling to me to think it’s been a year already.  I look at my friend’s new son only a few weeks old and I can’t believe how much Colt has grown since he was so little and helpless.

And later when Colt and Parker are playing in the woods, building forts and getting dirty, you’d never know that they were 10 months different in age.

Every day is amazing still. And a challenge still. There are nights when I can’t wait for him to go to bed because I am tired and I want to just chill and do nothing. And then there are nights like the other day when I hugged Mike and said “I miss our son.” He asked if I meant our happy child, (Colt’s been sick most of January and not the happiest camper). I said “No, I just want to play with him some more tonight.”

I miss those days when he was just a tiny helpless baby. It actually seemed less stressful. There wasn’t much more to our days besides sleeping and eating. Now there’s the daily struggle to get dressed. The bumps and bruises when he falls down. And my new favorite of letting food he doesn’t like/want to eat fall out of his mouth. But I know those are all just the challenges of growing up.

Colt was sick for most of January, as I mentioned above. Starting out the month with a stomach bug that went around daycare. And then transforming into a cold with congestion and a cough. It’s like taking a few steps back in that we are trying to learn to eat solid foods all over again.

When I ran out of formula mid month, I switched Colt to cow’s milk. He seems to be doing great with it. He’s also moved on to eating the school snacks and lunches (which I wrote about here).  Lately he hasn’t been very interested in dinner, but he doesn’t seem to be starving so I am not to worried. I’ll see what the pediatrician has to say at his check up later this week. Oh, and he has 8 teeth now! I love that toothy grin!

Colt is still not walking on his own. He’s still relying on his push toys. I’ve started limiting his time with them to hopefully encourage him to walk some more. He will walk between two people if prompted. And a few steps here and there if he wants something. But his instinct is still to crawl. He can do it when he wants so I’m not concerned.

Colt’s not really saying too many words yet, but my sister Jerrica and I swear he told us he was going “to dada” the other day, and I think I heard him say “dog” when the next door neighbor’s dog Willie, stopped by. And he still babbles up a storm.

Its cute now too, how Colt will clap along when he hears music. He still rocks back and forth when he hears something he likes. We like to sing “BINGO” because we can clap along.

Colt is doing really well at daycare. He continues to bring home artwork. His teachers have nothing but nice things to say about him. Even when I know he can be a bit of a stinker. I’m starting to get to know more of the other moms as well and that’s nice. His friend Liam was sick with the same stomach bug at the same time as Colt. His mother and I had a good laugh over it. Because sometimes, even when your child is sick, you and other parents can at least bond over being puked on.

And in case anyone is wondering how the numbers add up for a little guy like this, give or take a few that I missed adding to our Baby Connect app, in one year:

  • We changed 2937 diapers
  • He’s drank a combined 75.8 gallons of Breastmilk, Formula, Water or Cow’s Milk
  • Which equals out to 2301 bottles/sippy cups

What can I say, I am a stat nerd. 

We’ll be celebrating Colt’s First Birthday next weekend on Mike’s birthday. Just a few family a friends. When he gets older we can plan on more exciting parties. But this will be more for us anyhow. Food, friends, family, and watching a little guy eat cake!

I’m going to miss my little baby, but I’m really looking forward to this next year of discovery and independence. Colt is such a happy guy, usually laid back, and such an amazing part of my life, I couldn’t be a prouder, happier mom.



Baby Products I Love (The First Year)

I wrote a post after Colt was a month old, Baby Products I Love (The First Month). My intention was to write follow ups more often, but here it is, one year later.

Besides the things on the initial list, here are some additional favorites:

Graco Size4Me 65 Convertible Car Seat: After moving Colt around in the infant car seat, having a seat that stayed in the car was welcomed. Only I hated adjusting the straps on the convertible car seat we had in Mike’s car. Thankfully, I found the above mentioned car seat on sale during Amazon’s Prime Day. With shoulder straps that easily adjust up and down, there’s no worrying that they aren’t where they should be.

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Crawl Around Car: By far the toy he has gotten the most use out of. It helped him get better at sitting up, he used it to learn to stand. He loves the songs and it has various levels of noises. He’s most interested in dropping the balls in the little shoot, and fitting the block shapes in the right holes.

Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumparoo: Colt had a blast jumping around in this jumperoo. I’m actually sad to see it go, but he’s on the move so much, it only made sense to move it out of the way.

Little Sprout Silicone Baby Food Trays: These were great for freezing purees when I was making them for Colt. (I see a future in jello shots, now that we’ve moved on).

The Learning Experience: OK, not so much of a product, but I adore his daycare. The curriculum is great, his teachers are caring and nurturing. The management is so-so. Oh and they will be adding ipods to all the classrooms in the next month so that rather than getting a written report of Colt’s activities it will all be electronic. So looking forward to that!

Baby’s First books: These are the brightly-colored, foam paged books with subjects like colors, words, numbers, and animals. They are seemingly indestructible. And are lightweight enough for Colt to pick them up on his own and I don’t have to worry about them getting dropped on toes.

O Ball Car: I searched high and low for a car safe enough for a young infant. You’d be surprised how many are for a year and up. This car was easy for Colt to pick up and rattle. We could push it around for him and he’d chase after it. And eventually he learned how to roll it himself.

Chicco Caddy Hook On Chair: I absolutely love and hate this chair! And by that I mean it is an absolute life saver when we can bring it places where bringing a full high chair wouldn’t work. What I hate is that I spend way to much time cursing under my breath at the thing when I’m trying to take it apart. It has those tiny buttons you have to press in to pull the clamp off. I also got lucky and bought mine second hand at a mom to mom sale.

Go Pod:  This has been really nice for letting Colt hang out in the garage our outside with his Dada. Like a high chair slash folding camp chair it’s a place we can set Colt without worrying about him getting into things, and he can entertain himself. This has actually helped Colt gain the confidence to stand without needing something to hold on to by offering him just enough support.

Playtex Training Time Straw Cups: Love these. There is so much on the Internet about how sippy cups are bad for dental development. But what else can you offer a kid that’s not ready for a bottle? Straw cups. That is, if your child can figure out how straws work. It’s hard for some kids. Colt still has a hard time tipping the cup back so the straw helps him still get what he’s after.

VTech Safe & Sound Digital Audio Baby Monitor: Originally, I had planned on using just a video monitor. And then I discovered that the one I had purchased had less than stellar range. On top of that, I couldn’t turn down the brightness enough to still see Colt and not be irritated by the TV like light on the nightstand. (edit: I just discovered that there is a feature that turns off the monitor after 3 minutes of no sound. And here I thought the battery was dying). So I picked up the above. And I love it. The two parent units allows us to keep one in the bedroom and the other in Mike’s workshop. They’re also cordless so when I want to get outside I can. The cords are also the same for both the monitor and the parental unit so moving the monitor around doesn’t have to involve me trying to crawl behind furniture to unplug it. We used to keep a parental unit in the living room, close enough to his swing that if he was napping there I could swap it with the monitor easily.

Tadpoles Transport Playmat Set: I’m happy I got this playmat. It’s held up well. It fits great in the space in the living room where we don’t have a rug. I don’t have it set up in the traditional square shape, so there are a few extra edge pieces (we pretend they are swords and Colt likes to chew on them). It’s fun and colorful. I think it really brings together his space and ours.

Here are a few things that I would have gotten something different if I could do over:
Graco SimpleSwitch Highchair and Booster: I should have looked into this better. I was drawn into the pattern (owls!) and it’s ability to convert to a booster seat that I didn’t realize that it didn’t have a removable tray insert. I didn’t like the idea of using the 5-point harness on a kid that could possibly choke, and the tray has the leg divider so it wasn’t necessary for keeping him in the seat. But now that he’s starting to feed himself, and he’s a lot more messy it’s hard to get him out without needing to remove the tray. Oh well.

Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard with Reversible Napper and Changer: I am on the fence with this one. I thought I was going to get so much more use out of it having the napper and changer included. I didn’t get to use it not a single time before he out grew it. I did love that it allowed for the “mattress” part to be raised, as that’s where he slept when we did use it until he was able to sit up himself and then we started using it in the lower position. I felt for the longest time that it was just too big. I couldn’t maneuver it anywhere. If I wanted to move rooms, I had to fold it partially to do so as it wouldn’t fit in hallways or doorways. And then what was the point of having wheels? Mike’s dad bought one of these to keep at his house, Fisher-Price Ultra-Lite Day and Night Play Yard. I actually thought at first it was just cute and convenient but I wonder if I would have gotten more use out of it. Maybe I would have saved myself two items and used it over the Pack and Play and the Rock and Sleep? But here’s the fun new twist. I watch Colt sleeping in this pack and play now and he nearly stretches from one end to the other and I don’t even think he’s that tall. I’m worried he’s outgrowing it too fast!

Real Food?

I started off with this whole “making my own baby food” mentality. I was good at it. I made all kinds of purees for him. Vegetables? No problem. Fruit? Nailed it.

And then I started running out of ideas for purees. I have a whole cookbook on baby food and I was terrified to feed kiddo quinoa. It was an exotic food to me, it would be extraterrestrial to him!

Beets. Blueberries. Zucchini. Pumpkin. None of that scared me. Introducing more “regular” foods became tougher, and I had to get those foods to school too. So I fell back on the baby foods. Mac and Cheese made with a carrot sauce? Sure! Turkey and Root Veggies? Great! Hell, I even offered him some of the funkier grains too! But, even that, was difficult, the more “unique” food items were more expensive.

But we have managed for a few months now. And Colt ate his Thanksgiving feast like a champ. Followed that up with leftover Turkey Pot Pie. And hell, even devoured a few meals worth of Hasenpfeffer (Rabbit Stew). And his little stunt, where he would only eat certain foods for the ladies at daycare seems to have finally ended. Not kidding the kid would not eat fruit at home, only at daycare. 

Currently Colt eats just about all day.

6:30 AM: 6 oz bottle formula
7:00 AM: Snack (Cheerios, Graham Crackers, or fruit)
9:00 AM: 6 oz bottle formula, and breakfast (cereal, yogurt, oatmeal or applesauce)
12:00 PM: 6 oz cup formula, and some kind of lunch (about 4 oz or so fruit, veggies, leftovers).
3:00 PM: 6 oz cup formula, and a snack (puffs, crackers, fruit, veggies, cheerios, whatever finger foods).
5:30 PM: cup of water and dinner (either pre-made or something Mike and I are eating).
7:30 PM: 8 oz bottle formula

And yes, I know, Colt is a growing boy. And if he’s hungry, feed him. And he’s not overweight. Though, I do see him next to toddlers and think he looks like a giant baby next to them. 

I guess I am just worried that if I take away his biggest source of calories, he’s going to starve.

I picked up a copy of his school’s menu. They offer a morning snack, lunch and an afternoon snack. I have been trying to use it as inspiration for meals for Colt. Examples: AM Snack of a half a banana and milk. Ok that’s doable. Lunch; whole wheat mac-n-cheese, broccoli, fruit, and milk. Ok yea, I can do that.

And yet, I still have those moments where Colt takes like 3 bites of something Mike and I are eating and I think, how on Earth are you going to survive when I stop giving you a bottle.  I guess I am going to take it one day at a time. I mean, he’s already getting 2 cups a day, so I can start getting him down to only 2 bottles a day, and then cut out the breakfast bottle and eventually the before bed bottle.

And just when I had stopped giving thought to this and started focusing on other things, I get to daycare to pick up Colt the other day, and his teacher asks, “Is Colt on school lunch?” “No, I’ve been thinking about it,” I replied. “Oh cause everyone is off today and no one was sure, and he always eats with the big kids. Well, he had sloppy joes and veggies today. And he ate it all!”

Now I am back to considering enrolling him in school lunch with the start of the year.

edit: Since starting back to daycare in the new year, I have increased his cup count from 2 to 4. He is now waking up and having a sippy cup of formula in his high chair while Mike and I get ready for work. Then he has two more cups of formula at school and a cup of water. However, before bed he’s still getting a bottle. We’ll keep working on that one.

He’s also started on the school lunches. After I talked to his teacher the first day back she pretty much agreed that he’s good to go. He’s been eating all of the other kids foods anyway, so why not! 


My Little Walker

It didn’t take long for Colt to pick up on crawling after moving up classrooms at daycare. And once he mastered the crawl, it seemed all of his schoolmates were starting to walk.

About a month ago, Colt started to walk around the house using his walking toys. And it wasn’t long after, that he started getting brave and standing without holding on.

The other day, I stopped into the studio where I’m getting Colt’s One Year photos taken. I asked what I could expect from a sitting with them, “Is he standing?” the salesperson asked. “Yes!” I replied. She continued, “Is he walking?” “Not quite” I answered. “Oh, you’ll be surprised what can happen in a few weeks!”

She was right.

A little encouragement from Grandmama today, and a bit more from his Aunt Debbie, and he was off.

He’s still only walking with encouragement, and between two or more people, or between me and his walker as he did last night.

I’m curious if getting back to daycare this week with all of his walking friends will encourage him to walk more on his own. He know’s he’s still faster crawling.

I’m excited to see how he’ll be doing on his birthday!

11 Months!


What a busy month! Colt has mastered the art of walking with assistance (with either a walk behind toy, or holding hands) and just recently he took a few steps not holding on at all. He is getting braver every day, standing a lot without holding on. It’s only a matter of time before he’s running, not walking, through the house.

Colt is also getting really good with his various toys, like his stacking ring, his shape sorter bucket and blocks, or putting balls in toys that make them fall or pop. All in the last week or so he’s really shown some amazing skills that just leave me in awe. I’m amazed watching him roll balls or push a car across the floor. All skills that say ‘Hey, I know how this works!”

Colt now has five teeth (3 up top and 2 on the bottom). And it looks like we’ll be getting some more soon. It’s really cute to watch him bite Cheerios in half before he eats them. Well when he isn’t shoving a handful in his mouth! Besides Cheerios, he loves anything crunchy he can feed himself. He’s still not to keen on picking up fruit or pasta. As the month has progressed, I’ve moved more away from chunky purées and more towards more standard table foods. Still he prefers to be spoon-fed.

Moving away from bottles in a month or so doesn’t look like it will be much of a hassle. Colt is already drinking 2 “bottles” from straw cups at school, and I plan to introduce a 3rd soon. He seems to prefer food over the liquid nourishment most times anyway.

While Colt is still mostly sleeping through the night, we’ve had a few nights of trouble. What seemed to be related to a change in routine may have been sleep regression. There have been a few nights recently where he’s woke in the middle of the night and just does not want to go back to sleep. It’s been heartbreaking but a few times after trying everything we could; bottles, teethers, nightlight, water, diaper changes, rocking, whatever, that we just had to let him whine about it on his own. From full on cries and sobs or tiny whimpers. According to the clock, it’s only ever a few minutes, but it certainly feels like forever.

Colt is getting easier to parent each day. There are not as many diaper changes, though it seems he’s always eating. Playing with him is getting more fun too. He can interact with us more. And he really responds well to praise, I mean who wouldn’t, but he gets excited just like us when he does something good.

There are still challenges, and I would never expect that there won’t be. Colt knows how to test boundaries. Like playing with putting crayons in his mouth. He knows when you leave him, but thankfully, that hasn’t bothered him at daycare drop offs yet. He doesn’t like having to go to bed, that’s probably the toughest thing at the moment.

I love when Colt has good days. If the worst thing that has to happen to him all day is a nap, then I think we did pretty good. I must say “good boy!” or “great job!” a thousand times a day. And I mean it.

Naughty or Nice? Colt’s First Christmas


It’s been fun getting into the Christmas spirit this year, and sharing the joy of the season with Colt.

We put up the Christmas tree, though we skipped the fragile ornaments.

We’ve been watching holiday movies, or at least having them on in the background. A Charlie Brown Christmas, How The Grinch Stole Christmas, A Muppet Family Christmas, Polar Express, and The Flintstones Christmas Carol.

And of course, we’ve been listening to Christmas music in the car.

We even took Colt to meet Santa Claus a few weeks ago.

I probably over bought for Colt’s first Christmas. Especially knowing that he’s getting so many gifts from his family. “Santa” brought him three toys; a race car and track, a puppy that teaches about body parts, and a radio. As well as crayons and a bunch of clothes.

Thankfully, I picked up a second set of toy bins and shelves off Craigslist recently, so we’ll have room to put it all. And rotate the toys a bit.

I’m staring at all the toys scattered throughout the living room and being overwhelmed by it all. Race cars, trucks, tracks, and a farm. This Christmas appears to be sponsored by VTech. Colt also has blocks, books, Legos, and a few stuffed animals.

I guess I’ll be rotating toys so that they are not all out, and all over, at once.

We spent Christmas Eve at Doug and Debbie’s, celebrating Doug’s birthday. Christmas morning was spent with my mom and sisters and that night we had dinner at Margaret’s. I also called my dad via Skype and he was able to see Colt for a bit, but we’re going to have to get better at using it. Saturday night we had dinner at Mike’s dad’s house and then we followed that up Sunday with lunch at my Aunt Ronnie. Four Christmas’s (and a birthday) in four days.

Colt got a lot of great gifts, and for the most part was pretty good with the change in schedule. He got to go new places, explore, play with a lot of people, and things, see many new animals, and even try new foods! Mike and I did the best we could to coordinate all of the festivities around his nap times, but it wasn’t the easiest.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t ready to stay home for a while. Mike goes back to work today, and of all things, has to work a 16-hour day, traveling to Kalamazoo. Hopefully the winter weather will give him a break and he’ll get home tonight too, otherwise he may be spending the night. I have all week off of work. I may let Colt go to daycare a few days this week just so that we can get back on track again.

Overall I think we all had a great Christmas. It’s been a great few days.


10 Months!

photogrid_1448933178245.jpgOk yea, the fact that we are coming close to a year already is crazy. It scares me and excites me! I know my days of having a baby are limited, the signs are everywhere. From the way he communicates, the way he plays, the way he eats even. All signs that my little boy is becoming a toddler.

This last month has seen a huge leap in Colt’s abilities. From crawling, he now walks all over the place using his walk-behind toys. You can’t keep that kid down at all. He is constantly on the go, go, go! I mean I hardly get photos of him any more where a part of him isn’t blurry. I mean seriously, I couldn’t get him to look at me for anything when I took his 10 month photo. Dad is jumping up and down behind me.

And it’s a ton of fun, watching him zip all over the house. Watching him dare himself to take a hand off his toy, or catch himself clapping while standing. It’s exhausting most days too. I think I say “Colt” about a thousand times a day now.

If he’s not walking or crawling all over, he’s climbing on the couch. Or trying to grab at everything on the end tables. Or opening and slamming cupboards. He’s also very fond of banging things, and he’s learned how to throw. His highchair blocks seem to make it into 3 rooms now with a quick sweep of his arm.

But, when Colt isn’t running amok, he’s really good at stacking blocks, and putting round things in round holes, like his shape sorter bucket, or the balls in the holes in his car. His attention to details is becoming more evident. He’s always exploring things, turning them over and over. And of course tasting everything.

And tasting everything is an understatement. Colt will eat an entire meal and  as soon as you put one thing in your mouth he’s standing there, mouth agape. And he’ll eat and eat and eat. And then still turn around and have a big bottle before bed. He refuses to eat sweet things while at home, but is pretty good about eating whatever his teachers feed him. I think it’s the atmosphere and seeing all of the other kids eating. Though, I’d love to see how they do it.

I am slowly introducing more finger foods to Colt’s diet. He’s still pretty happy about being spoon fed, and he’ll occasionally try to grab the spoon and do it himself. Which is really more like him just trying to chew on the spoon rather than actually eating. I have given him things like scrambled egg (yolks only), and mashed potatoes. Much more ends up on the floor than in his mouth.  But he’s working at it. Puffs don’t seem to miss his mouth as much, funny.

Oh, and not to mention, he’s up to 3 teeth now. The mysterious upper lateral incisor that appeared first, followed by his two lower central incisors. I was calling him snaggletooth earlier. There’s signs that those two upper incisors are coming. I keep singing “All I want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth”.

Which reminds me, Colt started rocking out to the music his car makes when you push the radio button. In fact, he learned that if he opens and closes the door often enough, it’ll play a song. Kicking his door back and forth and jamming out when the song would play. So, I got out my phone, turned on Toddler radio on Pandora and he was so happy!

Colt is still sleeping really well still too. With the exception being the other weekend while we were up north, he sleeps about 10 to 10 and a half hours a night. Going to bed somewhere between 7 and 8, and waking up in the 6 o’clock hour.

Other than feeling like I am constantly on the verge of either getting or ending a cold, and feeling pretty tired most days (thanks work!), I am doing pretty good. Mike thinks I need to find myself a hobby for when Colt goes to bed each night. He’s got his workshop and a project he’s always working on. I thought I’d be blogging more but even that doesn’t really fill my time much any more. And I’m not ready to go back to derby, with how far away practice is from me. I could always join a local league, but I’m just not interested in the time commitment right now, (nor the drama, for that matter).  I had the slightest inclination to get back into jewelry making, especially with a workshop in my garage, but even that I wasn’t that great at in high school.

Ah well, this little cutie is keeping me quite busy nonetheless.

9 Months!


Colt has done so much growing this month! Started crawling just at the end of September and now he’s all over the place. He stands up without any help and can walk along the couch holding on. He claps his hands and has even started pushing a car on the floor.

Colt is eating more food from the table and has really mastered his pincher grasp. He loves to much on puffs, and yogurt drops. Anything he can put in his own mouth. And he’s got 2 teeth now! One on the top and one on the bottom! My own little jack-o-lantern!

Colt has his own little personality. He hates getting dressed these days and diaper changes are a handful. He likes to do his ‘alligator rolls’ as I call them to squirm away. I’m hoping we’ll out grow that soon.

Colt is definitely a handful these days, always wanting to do things himself and not being afraid of anything. He’s got to be watched all the time as he likes to push the edge just a bit, and I’m always on standby for when it doesn’t work out. Tumbling out of his car, trying to push his toys across the floor, if I think he couldn’t get hurt, he probably can figure out a way to do it.

Colt goes back to the pediatrician tomorrow. I’m looking forward to seeing how big this kid has gotten, other than how he fits in 12 month clothes already.
As for me, I continue to work on my patience. As a mother always will be. And I’ve decided to take this weekend to wean from my breast pump. With how active and busy Colt is these days it’s hard to steal away 20-30 minutes to pump. I figure I have a decent stash of milk in the freezer, and he’s been fine with formula. I’ve gone down to 2 pumps a day, and I figure it won’t be long. It’s a little bittersweet. But there will be so many advantages to not pumping it’s really going to be good for us all.

Halloween with Colt was fun. Friday I went to his daycare and we had a costume parade and a party. Colt was dressed as a skeleton. All of the kids costumes were really cute, Minnie Mouse, an elephant, a pumpkin, a penguin, a minion, Batman & Robin, and a puppy. A few other parents were there too. We loaded the kids into the table seats and they all shared a bunch of puffs, apple snacks, and some applesauce. On Saturday, Colt helped me pass out candy to the Trick or Treaters.

(A Little Part of Me) Dreads the Weekend

Friday afternoon, before leaving work for the day, I chatted with my coworkers about our plans for the weekend. Chris said that he had to be up early for the dentist, and joked that I’d be sleeping in. I laughed.

Later when I picked Colt up from daycare, and he was excited and grabbing hold of my neck like he does, I was happy to see him too. Gathering up his things as he pulled on my hair, ears, and glasses. I wished Ms. Rachel a good weekend and headed home with the little guy. 

There’s a bit part of me that dreads the weekend.

I love spending time with my boys. I love seeing my family. I love getting to experience new things with my son. I even love running errands with them.

But the weekends are not a time of rest for me any more. It’s waking up early. It’s entertaining Colt. It’s keeping him safe and out of mischief. It’s wrestling him in and out of diapers and clothes. It’s planning 3 meals, a snack, and 4 bottles while also trying to eat myself. It’s trying to pump 3 times where I have to keep little fingers from pulling on hoses and cords.

And you ask, where is Mike in all this. He’s around. I can ask him to do things from time to time. He’s always got his projects too. I think he gets it when I’m near wits end. And I know I can always ask my family for help.

Mike joked about when Colt will learn patience. I told him he won’t truly understand the meaning until Colt has children of his own.

Honestly, I know it isn’t always easy. And there are some really great times between all the busy. And I don’t apologize when I need a moment. But I do appreciate any and all help I can get. 

For every loss there is a win. For every sleepless night, there is the joy and delight in hearing Colt laugh uncontrollably. I still wouldn’t change it for the world. I will however, be taking a day off from work for my birthday, dropping Colt off at daycare and I don’t care if I don’t do anything at all that day!


8 Months Postpartum

It’s been a while since I really updated you all on how I’m doing as a new mom. 

I’m getting better about not worrying about everything. It sounds pretty silly, but a few years ago there was a sitcom on TV called, My Name is Earl, and Earl’s mantra was “Do good things and good things happen”. I’ve tried to live by that same philosophy and I think life really does reflect what you put into it.

When I drop Colt off at daycare in the morning I spend time playing with him and talking with his teachers. I mean like 20 mins. It’s important for me to connect and start the day off with a positive attitude.

There’s a boy that gets dropped off around the same time I’m there every day. His mother always looks rushed, and as she quickly sets him at the table, she throws a few puffs in front of him, says a quick goodbye, and she’s gone. I overheard her tell the teacher that the little boy had last ate at 4am.

I’ve had a range of judgments about this mother. Most of them falling on ‘rude’, but I try to remind myself that it isn’t easy being a mom and I don’t know her story. I remind myself after encounters with her that if I’m a grumpy jerk to my son, Colt’s going to pick up on that. And even if it was a lack of sleep due to him waking up, there’s no sense in letting it ruin our day. Best to break the cycle and move on.

Pumping has become a new adventure. I’m getting about 8 ounces every day, which is a big drop from 2 months ago. Between dropping a pump, and getting my period, I’m able to provide Colt one bottle a day. I’m going to keep at it as long as I’m still getting a bottles worth. Once it dips tho, I’ll wean and start giving him milk from the freezer stash. With any luck, I’ll make it to a year.

I’m okay with that too. I am looking forward to going to bed any time after Colt does. And not having to wake up right away on the weekends. Plus, with him on the move, I can hardly find 20 minutes for myself.

In the morning, I either have to get up and pump and then get Colt up, or wake him up and feed him while I pump. I sit on the couch. He crawls to the couch, pulls himself up to standing and then tries to pull and grab at the tubing. Twice now, that has ended with him losing his balance, me trying to catch him, but him hitting the floor instead. Poor baby.

I know bumps and bruises will happen.

Still doesn’t make seeing your baby hurt any easier.

When he does fall, I explain to him about accidents. I know he’s probably not able to understand that. But I’m hoping that will eventually calm him when he does.

Mike is great with Colt. I only wish he’d be home earlier to spend more time with him. But that’s not going to change for a little while thanks to work. Mike makes my lunch in the morning, and gets the coffee pot ready to go each night. We continue to work on supporting each other.

Since I haven’t convinced myself to return to derby yet, I’ve been itching to start seeing more of my friends who have kids. It’d be nice to hang out with people while Colt has someone to play with. Two mommies I talk with quite a bit with kids near Colt’s age both live 1000s of miles away.

And those are some of my favorite conversations too! It’s amazing to me how much alike and different we are in our parenting styles. One thing that is still so evident is how much we love our kids.

Motherhood is exciting, challenging, tiring, and I couldn’t ask for it to be any different. I continue to look forward to new adventures, new experiences, and new joys. And if there’s a little frustration, exhaustion, or even heartache, I know that it’ll only be for a short while. I have wonderful friends and family to see me through.