Potty Training PT 4

Blog Writing Fail… I started and apparently never finished this post… so let me do that now.

All last week I sent Colt to school “commado” as recommended in Oh Crap! Potty Training. He wore pants with elastic around the ankles in case of any accidents. I was super nervous dropping him off the first day, but his Teacher seemed positive and supportive. It wasn’t great. Even though they were regularly taking him to the potty, he was still having accidents. And I think only once or twice actually used the potty.

Unfortunately, I think one of the biggest problems was that his classroom has a near full size potty. I know he will eventually get used to it. But I was surprised considering that the one classroom below him has an appropriate size toilet, but they don’t focus on training. I hope that down the line, the new management (who happens to have a son Colt’s age) will change out the toilet.

Anyway, at home Colt was having about a 50% success rate. He was still having accidents but would occasionally make it to the potty. You could tell he was still holding it and wasn’t communicating until right at the last second. We still stayed focused, even though I thought about quitting.

So that was back in August… 

Colt has been diaper free during waking hours since the first week of August. Shortly after that, we stopped putting diapers on him at night and during naps at home, and he was doing so good, that when daycare ran out of diapers we just called it done. I would still say we have a 75% potty trained kid.

Colt is pretty gosh darn good about going number 1. He let’s us know when he has to go, most of the time, but he still needs a bit of prodding now and again. I attribute this to him just getting too focused on what he’s doing to want to stop. So we do still have moments where he’ll start leaking a bit before he’ll cave and go. He’s even pretty good about going in public. In fact some days I have to tell him that we are not going to the potty for the 3rd time while we are out. I am hoping that doesn’t come back to bite me, so far so good, knock on wood. 

The only issue we really have is with going number 2. Colt dislikes going poop… it seems, in general. I understand that is a thing that some kids go through. It pains me to hear his little tummy grumble, to smell his little farts, to see the look of panic on his face when he squats down to play with something or sit on a chair. Once we get him to go, he’s fine. But he holds it for so long some times. We’ve cut out bananas and cheese at the house, and upped the amount of applesauce he can have until he gets more comfortable going. He gets rewarded with M&Ms. I know he will get it soon.

But otherwise, Colt really is doing well with the potty training. He goes longer and longer without an accident.


The Jury Duty Experience PT 4


After spending a week plus on jury duty and then not getting a chance to hand over a verdict, I was really disappointed. A few times, I have gone onto the county website with a hope of finding out somehow what the verdict of the re-trial, if there was one.

Today, I decided to email the Prosecutor’s office and just see if I could find out. I was surprised to learn that my email was forwarded to the Prosecutor and she responded personally.

The Court set a new trial date the following week.  At its conclusion, the jury convicted both Defendants of Possession with Intent to Deliver Fentanyl… and Possession with Intent to Deliver Cocaine…  They convicted Defendant 1 additionally of Possession with Intent to Deliver Heroin…; Possession of Ammunition by a Felon; and Maintaining a Drug House.  They acquitted Defendant 1of Possession of Oxycodone and Possession of Marijuana.

Defendant 1 was sentenced to 18 years to 40 years in prison as a Habitual Third Felony Offender.

Defendant 2 was sentenced to 6 years to 20 years in prison.

Names were redacted**

I am so glad to hear that the next jury was able to come to the same conclusion that I think the majority of my fellow jurors would have come to. Justice seems to have been served!

Potty Training PT 3

When I last wrote about potty training we had put up a sticker chart and were on our way to earning a toy tractor. It took just more than a week but he got his tractor. Going with that success, we started another chart, this one ending with a new book. And admittedly, we didn’t do as great. Colt was not going consistently in the mornings, and during school was hit and miss. With our vacation to Boston coming up, I decided to slow down again. 

Once we were back, and knowing Colt was creeping up on 2.5 years old, I went back to a post I had read on Lucie’s List. I had remembered that she recommended a book and I went looking for it on my Kindle app. Oh Crap! Potty Training by Jamie Glowacki is a hilarious read that really does break down potty training into simple blocks. 

I started reading the book during one of Colt’s naps and I am glad I did. A few things that I had thought I was doing “right” wasn’t harmful, but wasn’t helpful either. Thankfully, Jamie has a chapter on starting over. I set a date, and started clearing my mind and trying to get any insecurities gone. I had to go into this with patience, understanding, and positivity. 

Today (Saturday), Mike and I got started. We picked up the rug, conveniently ran out of diapers, and encouraged Colt to be butt naked. It started a little rough, it was a cool morning and Colt really wanted pants, but after a while we were playing trucks on the living room floor without issue. 

We had a pretty good morning. Colt started to pee-pee on the floor twice, and both times we were able to get him to finish on the potty. Dada rewarded him with M&Ms. He ate a pretty decent breakfast too, (which was an added bonus). Around 11 he asked for a snack that started to become lunch but after a few bites, he asked to take a nap. I put a pull-up on him and he dozed off pretty quick. 

When Colt woke up, I rushed into his room, maybe too quickly, hoping to get him on the potty before wetting his diaper. Unfortunately, that just lead to a cranky kid who had already gone pee. Oh well. I decided to go outside for a little while, so Colt put on his sandals and we brought his potty out back. We had a popsicle and blew some bubbles but he wasn’t too excited about it so we went back inside. 

It was very obvious that Colt needed to poop, but he did not want to sit on the potty to do so. He was farting pretty bad and every once in a while after he’d been squatting down to play with his trucks, he’d hop up and sit on the potty or jump in my lap. Mike’s mom stopped by for a few minutes, but he was still not going to go. I tried to let him have his privacy, but he’d come running after me. He finally told me one of the times that he was scared. 

I let Colt watch The Minions Movie for a while, hoping that would relax him enough to go. Unfortunately, it didn’t. And after, while Mike was making dinner, he had a pee-pee accident, and when I turned my back to clean it up, he had a second. Just another reminder why it is easier with two people. 

During dinner, Colt was uncomfortable in his booster seat and finally I was able to get him onto the potty where he finally went poop. Yes, you stop eating shrimp and scallops,  no matter how good they are,  for that. We were all kinds of excited and happy and Colt was super interested in his poop. He was a big boy who dumped it in the toilet and flushed it. Mike let him have an ice-cream sandwich, and he still ate all of his hotdog. 

Colt had asked earlier in the day if he could go to grandma’s and feed her dogs biscuits, and I had told him we could if he went poop in the potty. So once dinner was done, I slipped some pants on him and we drove over real quick. I didn’t want to be away from a potty for too long. He enjoyed the little outing and stayed dry the whole time. Once we were back home, I took his pants back off. I wanted to get one more pee in before putting him back in a pull-up, jammies, and bed. It took a bit of time, but we succeeded. 

I reflected on the day to both my mom and Mike after Colt had gone to bed. Both agreed that it had been a successful day and that we did pretty good. I was pretty exhausted. It’s definitely a strain on my patience, but mainly because we’re also dealing with a toddler that wants to jump on the couch as well. 

Sunday, we got up around 7. I told Colt first thing we had to do was sit on the potty. He was pretty resistant at first but Mike brought him a smoothie and a Nutragrain bar and he settled down. After he finished, we went to the living room and had a juice box while we watched Sesame Street. Mike made breakfast again a little while later, and Colt had still not peed. I knew it would be coming soon. 

Colt didn’t eat much for breakfast, and I was starting to wonder if he needed to poop again. We were playing with trucks in the living room when he had his first accident. I got him on the potty while Mike cleaned up the puddle. Colt asked for M&Ms, but we told him that was only for when he didn’t have an accident first. He seemed OK with that. 

A little while later Colt was starting to do his poop routine from the day before. Of course the few times he rushed to the potty, he didn’t go. He had another pee-pee accident, at least this time we got him on the potty in time for him to finish. I was starting to think I was missing his queues, and was getting a bit upset with myself. But I was good not to show it, and promised myself to pay more attention. 

Mike had to leave to go to a quick side job. I didn’t really want him to go. But knew I had to knuckle down and just focus on Colt. He was running up and down the hallway when he came barreling into the room yelling, “I pooping, Mama!”. He sat down on the potty and I held his hands and he pooped right away. We took the bowl into the bathroom, flushed the poop and I rewarded him with some M&Ms. 

Before lunch, we had one more near miss accidents. We got half the pee-pee in the potty, but we had made quite the mess getting there. Even with the potty within reach it is almost always facing the wrong direction. Colt helped me clean up and then we watched some Chuggington until it was lunch time. He ate pretty well this time, and I told him he was to use the potty when he was done and then he’d take a nap. I read him a book while he sat, and he went pee-pee in the potty! We cleaned up and put a nap time pull-up on and I tucked him in bed. 

Colt woke up from nap with a slightly wet diaper, sorry, pull-up. According to Jamie’s book, we don’t need to be concerned about if he’s dry or not after waking as it’s more important to focus on the day hours, unless we were going to also attempt night training. I considered it at first but decided against it since we also have daycare to contend with. We headed back out to the living room and played. This time I was really watching his face intently. 

We waited. I watched. Minutes turned into hours. I offered Colt a cup of water. And still nothing. I double downed and gave him a juice box. I think it was a good 3 hours before he finally broke the seal. And then we had two accidents where we caught him quickly and got him on the potty, but then he didn’t finish before insisting he was done. Of course, then we started dealing with the over energized toddler who hadn’t gone outside today. We finally got him to sit down on the potty and he finished emptying his bladder. 

After dinner, Colt was again running around the house and challenging authority by jumping on the couch. Mike finally had enough and sent him to his room for a time out. I snuck in behind him and left his potty with him and told him to use it if he had to go. After a minute I decided to check on him as he was being pretty quiet, and low and behold Colt was sitting on the potty! “Are you going potty buddy?” “Yeah” he said as I came around in front of him. He pooped! Without saying a word, he sat on the potty and pooped! I made a huge deal about it and Mike came into the room. Many high-fives were given. He proudly took his poop to the bathroom to flush. Mike gave him some M&Ms and took him outside for a “tractor” ride. 

I have to say we had a really successful second day. I don’t think it will be an instant end to diapers. And I know that we have plenty of accidents to come. Not to mention, we need to work with daycare who seems really relaxed about it. Colt will be out of school and home with me again tomorrow for one more day to practice. I’m really proud of my big boy. 

The Jury Duty Experience PT 3

I can’t believe I forgot to mention the closing arguments in PT 2.

The Prosecutor had a power point presentation and spent a lot of time on the definition of the various charges as well as reminding us what evidence proved those charges to be accurate. It seemed pretty open and shut to me. 

Unfortunately, Defendant #1’s attorney wasn’t done with his theatrics. He proceeded to pretend that he was the 2nd Defendant and act out the day. He pretend to be driving the car where some drugs were found. He pretended to get a message from one of the other 2 men found in the house. He pretended to run from the cops and to throw his pretend drugs around the room. Even his client covered his face and shook his head at the display. To me it just made me feel like the Defense wasn’t taking anything seriously. 

The second Defense Attorney made much less of a spectical. However he implied that in his so many years of working for both the Prosecutor and the Defense, he’d never been on trial with another Defendant that he was trying to prove to be the guilty party. He stated that they were helping along the Prosecutor. She disagreed. 

We were then given our rules and sent back to deliberate. 

Within a few moments, we elected the one juror as our foreman, and I was elected to take notes and polls on the white board. We ran through all 10 charges and took a quick vote just to see where we would agree. I think by the time we were released that day, we had come to unanimous decisions on 2 charges. 

Friday was more difficult. We were struggling with the definition of “Right to Control” which was one of the elements in the definition of Possession of a Controlled Substance. Every one kept bringing up scenarios and disagreeing on just about everything. You could tell a few of us had reached our exhausted points and it was just getting too loud and everyone was talking over one another. At the end of the day, I reminded the group that we were not speaking about random objects, like coats and wallets, but only Controlled Substances. We all agreed to let it go for the day. We would think about it over the weekend and come back to it Monday morning. No one wanted a hung jury, but I think a few of the jurors in the minority were starting to see it as an end result. 

Monday morning we were advised right away that we were not to deliberate until they told us to. So we sat having small talk and coffee. At some point, the clerk came down and got juror 7. She was the juror who works in the court house for a contract company. She had been one of the few in the minority who felt there was to much doubt for any of the charges of possession to be guilty. I was starting to wonder if they were going to replace her with the alternate. 

Soon they came for our foreman. And then surprisingly they came for juror 10. It was after she left, that I learned from another juror that 7 had asked an attorney either for the definition of right to control, or had asked if she was allowed to look it up. He told her no, and that either could result in a mistrial. 7 apparently told 10 when she got in that morning that her notes she had taken over the weekend shouldn’t be used. 

I still don’t know how exactly the courts found out. Soon we were all called into the court room and told by the judge that she was declaring it a mistrial. We were all pretty bummed but I think also relieved. She reminded us that should we ever end up on another jury, we needed to respect the court and only consider information that was presented during trial and told to us by the judge. 

Overall it was an interesting experience. I wouldn’t mind doing it again. At least now I would have a better expectation. I’m still slightly bummed our 6 days didn’t pan out into anything good. I’m hoping they will be retried and the next jury will be able to convict them. 

The Jury Duty Experience PT 2

Trial started immediately after the jury was sworn in. The Prosecutor’s opening statement was really well spoken and clearly explained what they felt had occurred on the date in question. They were going to present a number of witnesses, a pile of direct evidence, and she made it clear that they would be establishing circumstantial evidence to tie it all together. 

The Defense attorneys took turns with their opening statements. The both of them arguing that the other’s client were the guilty one and not theirs. I immediately felt like they were in cahoots to make it seem like both men couldn’t possibly be guilty because if one was truly guilty, the other couldn’t possibly be. Of course, illiciting doubt is their job. We were released for the day when they were done. 

First thing the next morning, we were back in the deliberation room, talking casually, enjoying the coffee and donuts, and secretly hoping the Defendants were taking a plea. No such luck. The day started with a detective serving as a witness. He had been the first to enter the house that day. He had witnessed the 2nd Defendant running from the dining room and entering the kitchen, where he found the first Defendant. After a few hours of back and forth questioning between the Prosecutor and Defense the released the witness and we were able to go to lunch. 

That afternoon was more interesting in my opinion. After briefly questioning a second cop who searched the vehicle, the next witness was a chemist from the crime lab who had tested the drugs found at the scene. Again, I was very impressed with the chemist who was also a very professional, well spoken woman with years of experience. She did not let the Defense trip her up the way that my least favorite Attorney was trying so desperately to do. I really wish that I had studied chemistry and gone into forensics like I had wanted to when I was younger. 

After that, the Lead Detective took the stand. Of course, it started with Mr. Defense Attorney arguing that the detective shouldn’t be declared an expert if he was also a witness. Which I found interesting given that he did not have a problem with the first detective or the chemist being declared experts. 

The Prosecutor continued making her way through piles of evidence. Photographs, clothing, kitchen equipment used to mix drugs, plastic bags from the trash, and drugs. There were bags of heroin, fentanyl, crack cocaine, and marijuana. While intriguing, the amount of money those bags were worth was sickening. And depressing, with the current epidemic of opioid related deaths. Interestingly enough, my (least) favorite Defense Attorney objected to the Prosecutor pointing out how dangerous fentanyl is, stating that “it wasn’t fair” which was laughably overruled as that was not a proper objection. 

Wednesday we got started after lunch. It was the Defenses turn to question the Lead Detective. While I believe that the officer handled the case professionally and under proper protocol, his lack in documentation of his surveillance, and later questioning of the defendants at the scene was disappointing. And that was it for the day. 

Thursday morning we we in for a surprise as the Prosecutor introduced phone calls made from Defendant 1 to Defendant 2 while in jail. They were recorded and were played for us to establish that one of the defendants was known on the street as “Snowman”. This was important to note as 2 people who were seen in the gallery of the court room were wearing t-shirts that read “Free” above a picture of a snowman. 

After lunch, we were given our instructions, and an alternate was selected at random and dismissed. We were released back to the deliberation room. 

The Jury Duty Experience PT 1

A few weeks ago I received a summons to report for jury duty from the Oakland County Circuit Court. I promptly filled out the questionnaire and then forgot about it. As a matter of fact, I pretty much forgot about it until they sent me a follow up letter because I hadn’t returned the questionnaire.

Leading up to my summons date, I had been pretty laid back about it. The last time I had been called was a really quick and painless experience where I was dismissed within an hour of arriving. Though as someone pointed out, there was a good chance that must have been a day later in the week. Monday’s tend to be a busier day for the courts. 

Last Monday, I arrived a few minutes early and was able to get a seat in the back of the large room that held the jury pool. I watched as the room filled with people. It wasn’t hard to notice that the majority of the people were white women. There were a few dozen white men. And even fewer people of color.

The first group of jurors were called by number and I watched them line up down the hall and be lead out of sight. Shortly after the intercom started calling out a second group of random numbers. Sure enough, about midway through, they called my number. We made our way up and had our badges scanned as we lined up in single file. A few of us took the opportunity to use the restroom knowing that it would be a while before we got the chance again. 

I learned that there were 45 of us total. And in the gallery of the court room, it looked like a much more diverse group. We took an oath, and the judge introduced the prosecution and defense teams as well as the defendants. She asked if we knew anyone, and I laughed to myself when the man seated next to me stated he was an optimalogist and he thought one of the defendants could be a patient. He was not dismissed. I didn’t have long to get comfortable on the wooden bench, as I was the fourth person called to the juror’s box. 

Voir Dire began. The Prosecutor was a professional, well spoken woman, who was very experienced. She was assisted by the lead detective on the case. She lead the questions at first, mainly wanting to know if we knew anyone involved in the legal system, what we did for a living, and if we had ever been a victim of a crime. 

We learned that the case was involving the two defendants who had been arrested at a home during the execution of a search warrant. Each of the men were charged multiple times in relation to the possession and intent to distribute various controlled substances. They each had their own Defense attorneys. 

Right from the start, I disliked one of the Defense lawyers. He was loud, animated, and very unprofessional. He acted too friendly with everyone. Even the Judge and Prosecutor gave each other looks of disapproval. I thought that I could be dismissed simply because I couldn’t stop rolling my eyes. 

But I was not dismissed. At noon we took an hour lunch break. Upon returning, the selected jurors were dismissed and replaced one by one. Out of 45, minus our 13, only 11 people remained left in the gallery. People who were dismissed either knew someone affected by substance abuse, didn’t speak English as their first language, openly admitted that they were biased, or surprisingly, were engineers. 

When all was said and done, our jury consisted of 10 white women, 1 white man, and 2 black women. I am not sure that is what was meant when they said a jury of your peers. 

Adventures of Colt: Boston Edition  

On Thursday, June 22nd, Colt and I, along with my mother and sister, Jerrica, headed to Boston to visit my aunts. It was Colt’s first plane ride, along with his first extended trip away from home. I really wish that Mike could have joined us, but it was important that we took this trip sooner rather than later. 

Colt was very good at the airport, and on the plane. He had been excited to go “up there!”. Only after we got off the plane did he fuss much, and that was mainly his independent side not wanting to hold anyone’s hand. But that was short-lived thanks to our flight attendant offering him a Boston Cream donut. The car ride back to Barb and Eileen’s was long due to traffic. 

Once we arrived at the house, Colt was able to stretch his legs and burn some energy in Barb’s daycare play yard. We picked up Italian food for dinner, and I was pleasantly surprised by how much Colt ate, but then again, we only had a chance to snack at the airport, rather than the lunch I had hoped for. 

Friday morning, Barb’s daycare kids were dropped off and we promptly got them all ready for a field trip downtown to the New England Aquarium. Five adults each holding the hand of one of the five kids under 3 years old, we walked a short distance to the bus stop. The kids had a blast singing and looking at all the other vehicles. From there we hopped on the Orange Line. “Choo choo!” They were all excited to ride a train, especially in the tunnels! We counted down the 12 stops until State Street and emerged from underground at historic Faneuil Hall Marketplace. From there we could see the ocean in the distance. We made our way down the busy streets to the aquarium. 

The New England Aquarium is one of my favorites as it is designed with a large cylindrical tank in the center that houses all kinds of sealife. Around the edges are other various tanks. And they even have penguins and sealions. It was quite busy, but we let the kids see a bit before stopping for lunch. You would think I hadn’t fed Colt that morning. Of course, it’s not the greatest food health wise, but he ate french fries, pizza and mac n cheese. We checked out more of the tank on the way out, and the kids even got to watch the divers feeding the fish and sharks and the sea turtle. 

It seemed like a long way home, but once we were back the kids took a nice long nap and the grown-ups enjoyed a rest as well. As the kids woke up, they dressed in their play clothes and headed outside for popsicle and play time. 

Saturday morning I was not impressed when Colt woke up shortly after 5am. But I was pleasantly surprised when I was able to convince him to lay back down. I was awoken by the sweetest little hand on my face and a tiny, “hi momma”, at 8am. It was a rainy morning so we played indoors, Colt pulling out whatever toys he could find, as well as his new sea animals that his grandma got for him at the aquarium. 

After his nap, we loaded up the rental CAR, that we were conveniently upgraded to a – passenger SUV, and headed to Nantusket Beach. Colt’s first time seeing the ocean. We splashed around ankle deep in the cold water, collected rocks and seashells, dug holes and built castles in the sand, and ate proper boardwalk junk food. We rode on the Paragon Park Carousel, and walked along the boardwalk after dinner. I have to say I’m genuinely impressed with how well Colt kept up, only asking me to carry him the last few feet back to the car. And it took a bit for him to doze off in the car, but once he did, he was out for good, barely lifting his head off my shoulder as I carried him inside. 

Sunday we originally had planned to visit Downtown in the morning. We were thinking about visiting the Public Gardens and Boston Common, as I was interested in showing Colt the Frog Pond and the Swan Boats. But with all the walking we did the day before, we decided to do a Duck Boat tour instead. Unfortunately, no morning tours were available, so we chose one for later in the afternoon. 

Since we had no morning plans, we instead went to IHOP for breakfast and then to a local pool and spray deck where Colt had a great time running through the sprinklers. After lunch and a nap, we headed into the city, this time to take one of the famous duck boat tours. While it wasn’t the first tour for me, it was for Colt and my mom. Colt wasn’t really interested in seeing the sites and learning the history, but he was pretty excited when the vehicle drove into the Charles River. A little ways into the ride, the captain let the kids on board steer the vessel. 

On Monday, Barb had her daycare kids again. That afternoon, we walked the kids to Ron’s Ice Cream and 20th Century Bowling. Candlepin bowling is a little different than the bowling that most people are used to. The balls and pins are much smaller and perfect for a bunch of little kids. The kids were very well behaved. I’ve never seen kids so patiently take turns! After a half hour of bowling, we got the kids ice cream. 

Tuesday was the last day of our adventure. And of course that was even quiet the experience for Colt. After breakfast we headed out walking to the bus stop to take that back to the Orange Line, which we took to the Blue Line and then to the airport shuttle. We said our goodbyes to Barb and then got settled into a long line at Security. We had just enough time for a bathroom break before boarding. The flight was quick, and Colt was able to catch a nap. It was good to be heading home. 

I really enjoyed experiencing the city again with Colt. I am looking forward to many more trips out there. There are so many historical places that I think he will appreciate as he gets older. 

Colt was also so well behaved. It really couldn’t have been any better. I’m glad that we got to share time with my aunts and I hope that we get to do it again soon. I always appreciate the time I get to spend with Barb and Eileen. They are genuinely good people who enjoy spending time with friends and family and it truly shows. I just hope that I can someday reciprocate their hospitality. 

Potty Training PT 2

So after last month’s failed attempt at the 3-day potty training weekend, I decided to hold off on the whole idea for a while. Of course, not everyone had that same idea. “Helpful” family members kept suggesting he use the potty, which I couldn’t really blame them for trying. Anyway, I hadn’t put much effort in it, and was happy to see that at school they were having him sit on the potty at every diaper change and after meals and naps.

And then one day, I am working at home and I get a notification on my phone from Daycare, “Went Potty”. Wait, does that really mean he used the Potty?! I called and talked to his teacher. Confirmed! Colt used the potty at school!

That night after dinner I decided to make up a sticker chart. I thought that perhaps we can start encouraging him to go again. I got out some paper and some crayons and drew a crude chart, and as a reward, drew a tractor. Colt is obsessed with tractors and trains right now. I showed Colt the chart and let him pick out a sticker for his potty success earlier in the day. I told him he needed to go pee-pee in the potty 10 times and then he would get his new tractor. This was later revised by Dada, to just 5 timesIMG_20170509_085007

For the next few days we had no other successes. We would occasionally sit on the potty, but it ended up just being the wrong time and we would get no pee-pee or poop. Just a lot of stories read.

I decided that what I needed to do was get him used to having his diaper changed first thing after waking up. Since our morning routine is pretty rushed, if Colt didn’t have a bulging diaper when he got up, I would usually let him eat his breakfast first and then change him while getting dressed. No more of that. It was going to be straight up and straight to the changing table.

And wouldn’t you know it. Monday morning comes around and I get him up out of bed, lay him on the changing table, take off his pants and a dry diaper! Quick! what do we do now? “Do you want to try sitting on the potty? Do you have to go pee-pee?” “No!” Crap, ok. I put his diaper and pants back on and went and took him to the table for breakfast. I just knew he was going to go pee while he ate and I was disappointed in that missed opportunity. He finished his yogurt and banana and surprise, as we are going to get dressed I notice his diaper is still dry! “Do you want to sit on the potty while you eat your waffles?” “Ok” Internal Cheers! 

And we sat. And I read him his book on bugs. And we sat. And suddenly! Pee-Pee! Just as Mike was about to leave the house, he had to come back and do a quick hi-five and hugs, and whoo whoo! We dumped the pee-pee in the toilet and let Colt flush, and then we let him pick out a sticker for his chart.

Of course that was about the only successful part of that morning. The rest of the morning was spent trying to not get stern with a “Big Boy” who is goofing off rather than putting on his shoes and coat to get out the door.

This morning, again Colt woke up with a dry diaper. Poor little guy did not want to get up this morning and had to be coaxed out of bed. I asked him if he wanted to use the potty, “No”. I asked him if he wanted to drink his smoothie while sitting on the potty, “Ok”. So today we had breakfast on the potty. He drank his smoothie, still no pee-pee. He ate his Nutragrain bar, still no pee-pee. At this point, I had to get up and start getting ready for work. I handed him his banana, and he sat. And I checked in on him as I was looking for my pants (I am not good at laundry). I stopped in his room to check and sure enough, he had gone pee-pee! (And really emptied his bladder this time, yesterday he was too shocked by all the excitement that he stopped apparently and finished in his pull up shortly after).

We cleaned up the banana, and went and flushed his pee-pee, and then we got to put another sticker on the chart. And we got dressed and I let him have a sticker to wear on his shirt. His shirt, by the way is awesome. 

So I will be purchasing a Vtech Tractor with trailer from Amazon today. And we will keep working toward filling up our sticker chart. I am hoping that now that he sees the rewards, he will start being interested again. Though, I am nervous about getting to far into this and then having him regress when we go to Boston. My saving grace is that we will be visiting my aunt who runs a daycare, and who is used to potty training little boys.


“No Cheese” he says as I ask him to smile



Potty Training PT 1

This weekend was supposed to be our first stab at potty training. Some will say that at just over 2 years old, he’s still too young. However Colt has been showing some good signs. 

We’ve had occasional success putting Colt on the potty when he’s woken up dry from a nap, or after his bath. This last week especially, he’s been telling me when he has a dirty diaper. He has also started insisting on wearing his pull-ups rather than diapers.

Since he’s now in the Twaddler classroom at school, I wanted to jump start the idea with him. See if I could make him more aware. Fully going into it knowing he may not be ready. But of course secretly hoping. 

We woke up this morning, and like every morning this week Colt’s asked to get out of his wet diaper. I put a pullup on him and then we ate breakfast like normal. After breakfast he told me he went pee so I took off the diaper and told him that we were going to try to use the potty today. I let him play naked from the waste down. I told him he would get a sticker every time he pee-pee’d in the potty. 

I set an alarm on my phone to go off every 15 minutes. At first Colt was pretty receptive. He had a juice box. I read him books as he sat. But it was about 2 hours later and he still hadn’t pee’d. I gave him a second juice box and he finally had an accident. We cleaned it up and went back to sitting on the potty. 

For the next 2 hours, it seemed every time Colt got up from sitting after a while he’d have another accident. We tried putting him in underpants to try to make it a little less comfortable and he just didn’t seem to be bothered by the wetness. 

Admittedly, my patience was not in an ideal place. Colt’s been testing me lately. Doing things he knows he shouldn’t and working to get a reaction. So paring that with potty training just caused battles between Momma telling Colt to pull up his pants, and him defiantly pulling them down. 

I didn’t have a great mindset going into this morning. I wasn’t sure if Mike was going to be a willing partner, he’s not good at not staying busy. I started coming down with a cold and my period was starting. But I didn’t want to be the reason we held back. I kick myself for not being better prepared. I know it will happen. And that it can’t be rushed. 

I’m choosing now to focus on having fun during the great weather this weekend. We’ll try again another time! 

Growing Boy

Colt is growing into a little boy so fast. While I have accepted for a while now that he’s a toddler, it’s becoming very evident that we are way out of the baby stage now. 

In April, Colt will be moving into the Twaddler class at daycare, meaning that they will now be focusing on group activities… And potty training. Mike and I have decided to work in conjunction with daycare and start being more focused on potty training at home too. 

Colt has been showing signs of being ready. He generally goes off alone to poop (at least at home). He occasionally let’s us know that he has gone, or needs to “go poop”. He’s been fighting his diaper changes lately. He is very interested in watching (and helping) Dada and I go potty. Offering TP and to flush for us. He’s willing to sit on his potty for a while, and has even used it a few times. 

I’ve read a lot about the 3-day or weekend method of potty training where you basically have potty training boot camp. It either seems to work right away, or it’s a great jump start. Either way, I think we’ll be trying it, along with using pull-ups during the day. I know it can be a long process. 

Today, since I had a surprise day off, Colt and I went to Babies R Us and we picked up a few things; new sheets and blanket for his bed, big boy underwear, a seat for the big potty, and a book about going potty. The plan is to swap out his crib side with the toddler rail this weekend and hopefully get him used to a big boy bed before we start potty training. 

I know it’s not going to be easy. We’re going to take it one day at a time. This will be all new for all of us. I’ll keep you posted.