Potty Training PT 1

This weekend was supposed to be our first stab at potty training. Some will say that at just over 2 years old, he’s still too young. However Colt has been showing some good signs. 

We’ve had occasional success putting Colt on the potty when he’s woken up dry from a nap, or after his bath. This last week especially, he’s been telling me when he has a dirty diaper. He has also started insisting on wearing his pull-ups rather than diapers.

Since he’s now in the Twaddler classroom at school, I wanted to jump start the idea with him. See if I could make him more aware. Fully going into it knowing he may not be ready. But of course secretly hoping. 

We woke up this morning, and like every morning this week Colt’s asked to get out of his wet diaper. I put a pullup on him and then we ate breakfast like normal. After breakfast he told me he went pee so I took off the diaper and told him that we were going to try to use the potty today. I let him play naked from the waste down. I told him he would get a sticker every time he pee-pee’d in the potty. 

I set an alarm on my phone to go off every 15 minutes. At first Colt was pretty receptive. He had a juice box. I read him books as he sat. But it was about 2 hours later and he still hadn’t pee’d. I gave him a second juice box and he finally had an accident. We cleaned it up and went back to sitting on the potty. 

For the next 2 hours, it seemed every time Colt got up from sitting after a while he’d have another accident. We tried putting him in underpants to try to make it a little less comfortable and he just didn’t seem to be bothered by the wetness. 

Admittedly, my patience was not in an ideal place. Colt’s been testing me lately. Doing things he knows he shouldn’t and working to get a reaction. So paring that with potty training just caused battles between Momma telling Colt to pull up his pants, and him defiantly pulling them down. 

I didn’t have a great mindset going into this morning. I wasn’t sure if Mike was going to be a willing partner, he’s not good at not staying busy. I started coming down with a cold and my period was starting. But I didn’t want to be the reason we held back. I kick myself for not being better prepared. I know it will happen. And that it can’t be rushed. 

I’m choosing now to focus on having fun during the great weather this weekend. We’ll try again another time! 


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