Colt Turned 2!

I’m super late writing this post, I’ve just been really busy with work and we’ve been fighting colds as well.

On February 1st, Colt turned 2 years old! Since it was a school day, Colt brought cupcakes in for his class. His classmates all made him a card, drawing pictures and stamping their hand prints.

In addition to celebrating with his class, we also threw him a “grr-rific” Daniel Tiger birthday party that following weekend. It was just a small gathering of family. I’m not sure if Colt liked the balloons or cake better.

When I took him in for his 2 year check up, he was measuring 35 inches tall (75%) and weighing 27 pounds (50%). All of the items on the checklist for what he should be able to do were right on track.

He’s a jumping, running, climbing crazy kid. He tumbles, and falls just to get a laugh out of you. He loves to be tickled and tickle you back. He’s very fond of his cars, and his new toy tools.

He’s pretty good at climbing up into his booster seat for meals, uses utensils pretty frequently, and occasionally drinks from an open cup. His favorite foods seem to change from week to week, but he’s still quite fond of oranges, strawberries, bananas, cheerios, gold fish, waffles, and cereal bars.

Colt is becoming more independent insisting on doing a lot for himself. Getting ready in the morning is now taking a bit longer than before. Once he’s dressed, there’s a lot more fighting to get shoes and coats on. But he’s getting pretty good at the velcro on his shoes, the zipper on his coat, and putting on his hat.

Colt is still quite the singer, adding in the Alphabet song to his catalog. Although he doesn’t really get the letters right, he is recognizing a few. He can find the letters of his name when you play with his magnetic or foam letters. He also knows D is for Dada, and M is for Mama.

I’m also impressed with the way he’s moved onto more complex puzzles. He’s quite good at those that just have the holes for the shape without a background picture, and his one firetruck puzzle that does not have individual holes for each piece. He’s also pretty good at his one magnet toy where he uses the pen to sort colored magnets.

Colt has gotten a ton of new books. And is starting to finally let me read a few more than the standard dozen. He’s been very interested in a book about a panda using the bathroom to brush his teeth, take a bath, and go potty. We had one successful use of the potty recently, but haven’t been as lucky since. I’m planning to get more serious hopefully this summer.

I’m continuously amazed with Colt’s language development. He had taken a bit of a break from signing when he started to be more verbal. But recently he’s starting to say more words both verbally and with signs. He doesn’t repeat back many words for me, he tends to just surprise me by saying something new. But if I ask him to sign something he will. He says more phrases; more please, go sleep, where at, what happened, there it is. He’s been saying more descriptor words; hot, cold. Lots of the use of the word mine, or “I do it”. He signed cereal and hot for me yesterday.

He seems to be doing very well in school. I know they are studying ancient cultures right now. He’s still in the Tod B classroom, but he occasionally visits with the Twaddlers. I’m not sure if there’s room for him to move up just yet.

Otherwise, he’s a pretty funny kid, loves to play with his Mama. Always wants to know where his Dada is. He exhausts his grandparents when they visit. He’s nearly on the go from the time he gets up, until it’s time for bed. He’s an excellent helper, has a wicked memory and a caring individual. I’m pretty proud of him.


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