20 Months! 

From month to month I continue to see growth in Colt that I am still amazed at. Yes, he’s getting big, he can use a untinsil to eat, he loves to climb, he’s independent, he’s even talking and singing more. It’s his emotional growth that leaves me in awe. 

His teachers tell me that Colt is always friendly with the new kids in class. They appreciate also that he’s usually there early and that helps the new kids transition. But besides that, I’ve heard how loving and caring he is. Twice he’s melted my heart when he’s consoled friends when they were upset. Gently patting their backs, while quietly speaking to them in his little toddler gibberish.

It’s that behavior that makes me a proud momma. It also reassures me that I chose an awesome daycare. Besides an incredible academic experience that includes math, science, physical fitness, and language, his daycare also believes that etiquette and philanthropy are necessary for raising good people. The proof is in his behavior. 

In the past few weeks, other than the stories from his teachers Colt’s become more affectionate, he’s been very well behaved at dinner, he’s better at holding hands while we walk, and has overall just been well-behaved. That’s not to say he doesn’t throw fits. We’ve had our moments, Colt is still an independent toddler with selective hearing. 

With all the hate going on right now. The shootings, black lives matter, sexual assaults, Syrian refugees, and the presidential election. There is so much anger in the world. But looking at my son, innocent and unknowing, he reminds me that there are good people out there. And it’s going to take those good people to keep teaching our children to be good, kind, caring, and charitable. Colt is my reason for believing that we can be the change we need. 


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