A New Room

Well sort of… 

I didn’t have to work Friday, so of course that meant that Colt was wide awake at 6am. As I rolled over, rubbed my bleary eyes, and stared at the black and white image on the baby monitor, I watched as Colt stood at his crib rail. I laid there, trying to use some sort of telepathy to woo him back to sleep. He grunted out his usual commands to come get him. And then Click! The screen flashed, and like Dorothy waking up in the land of Oz, my son stood in full color on the screen. Click! And again a flash, back to the darkness and night vision illumination. Click! Click! Click! The light flashed in the hall. Time to get up.  

Colt’s newfound reach of the light switch only meant trouble. You can’t put a toddler to bed when he’s not tired, and not expect the light to get turned back on. It looked like I’d be reorganizing his room. 

And it worked out pretty well actually. I moved the glider we no longer sit in and rock out of his room. Moved a dresser to the closest, his changing table to the opposite side. His crib is now along the inside wall. His toy bins are now in the one corner along with his bookshelf, and beanbag chair. Giving him a little area to relax and play. 

It’s starting to look like a big kids room. I didn’t really miss the glider til just now. It’s so very true that you never know when you’ll rock your baby for the last time. Rocking and singing was slowly replaced with hugs and “night, night”. And tender kisses on the forehead with sloppy wet kisses back. For every memory of that tiny infant that you miss, there’s a new milestone to be excited for. 


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