Happy Fourth of July! 

What a busy weekend it’s been. And that was probably for the best.  
Colt had started once again with the snot and coughing earlier in the week. So it was once again a a battle to get him to eat or take his medicine. Seems we always take a step back with every step forward.  

On Saturday, we went and visited Doug and Debbie at 7 Lakes State Park where they were camping.  We had fun sitting in the shade and watching Colt play. It was a shame we couldn’t stay longer, but we knew Colt would be hungry and it’s easier right now when we ha multiple options.  Never mind that he ate plenty of Ritz crackers while at the park. 

Once we were home he was super tired from all the time spent outdoors and he took another nap. Aunt Jerri and Grandma came over and we at least got him to eat some Lo Main. 

On Sunday, Mike got up early and started slow smoking a pork shoulder.  Grandma Nancy and his Aunts came by again while Colt was down for his nap. By the time he woke up, his Grandmama Margaret and Grandpa Ken were here too. Colt had a busy day outside playing with all of his family and toys. He had a new bubble machine and a sprinkler to play with, as well as the slide Grandpa Ron had gotten him for his birthday.   

For dinner Mike pulled that pork apart for some delicious pulled pork sandwiches.  Colt was again a picky eater bit he didn’t go hungry, that’s for sure.  Later that evening Colt got his first skinned knee when he tried to climb down off a chair and slipped.  Poor guy was a champ though.  

Monday, we spent the afternoon at Indian Springs Metropark. We’d all gone for the nature center, but found the splash pad to be much more fun.  Colt wouldn’t go directly in the water, but he had fun splashing around the edges. 

Back home for the evening, Colt was a little better at eating dinner having some leftover lo main, and a stolen cheese sandwich. He was great taking a bath, didn’t fuss too much about taking his medicine. And the cherry on top was figuring out a less stressful way to get him to brush his teeth. 

When we can get through a night without any toddler tantrums, the whole day seems better. I really have lucked out with a pretty laid back kid. And when he gets to just be himself and do his own thing, he’s just a happier kid and that makes for happier parents. 

Unfortunately, as I’m sitting here writing this, after Colt has gone to bed, fireworks booming around the neighborhood, it finally hit Mike and I that it’s the anniversary of losing our sweet Diesel pup. I can’t believe it’s been a year already. I think about him often but it’s just not the same here without him.  


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