15ish Months!


OK, yes the days are definitely getting past me in the blink of an eye.

Colt went in for his 15 month check up the other day. He’s right on track. I think his measurements put him in the 50th percentile. He got a few more shots, and has been pretty healthy lately.

According to the Wonder Weeks app, he’s discovering processes. And it’s really evident. He loves to put things in other things. The other day he spent like an hour putting a crumpled piece of paper in and out of a plastic jar Mike had washed out. He watches as we do things and mimics them. Our favorite is when he “relaxes” in his chair like Dada.

Colt has gotten really good with his big single piece puzzles, he looks at the picture and can match them, and he’s even starting to move the piece to make it fit. He’s also started being able to put his other shapes in his sorting bucket, not just the circle anymore.

Colt loves books right now. He will go pick out a board book, bring it to me, and then sit in my lap while I read it. His favorites are anything Eric Carle, the hide and slide animal alphabet and numbers books, and his big picture books.

His picture books have helped him start saying a few words too! “Dada” might actually mean Dada finally. He says “go go” when we’re going somewhere. “Dog” was technically his first word I think, and he’s added “ball”, “cat”, and I think “bear”. And today Mike and I believe we may have finally heard a “Mama”.

Colt’s a pretty decent eater still, though he has toddler amnesia and forgets that he liked sweet potatoes last week. He’s starting to use a fork well. And he’s much better at communicating. He signs “more” (though he usually means goldfish crackers), and he’ll sign “all done”. He hasn’t signed milk in a while.

Colt is also doing great at daycare. I really love Miss Emily, Miss Shannon and Miss Megan (and every other teacher that helps out in Tod A). He seems to be kept engaged, and it’s very obvious that he’s learning, and they seem to have so much fun with the kids. Colt doesn’t seem to be too much trouble.

I also have to smile because his personality is really shining, he really is a funny little goof. This thing he’s doing with his eyebrows is hilarious. I have to catch it on camera. He’ll get into fits of laughter that is so contagious.

And Mike! I love watching him see how much his son is growing. I tried showing Mike how Colt was getting so good at his sorting blocks the other day, and Mike was like “Good job, buddy”. Like he figured he’d learn that eventually. But today, I asked Colt to go get his ball, and he brought it right to me. Then later, I asked Colt to pick out a book for me to read, he went to the shelf and pulled one out, set it aside, grabbed the one below it and bring it to me. And to really put the icing on the cake, I told him to put it back when we were done, and to bring the ladybug book. The kid is so smart. He knows what you are saying, even if he can’t say it. I’m sure that’s not unusual for his age, but it’s still fascinating to me.

Colt is a lot of energy right now. I’m grateful for the warmer weather when we have it, and the longer daylight hours. When we get home from daycare, we can spend an hour or so outside. He has a swing, a slide, and a sandbox. As well as a push car and a stroller for going for walks.

We have a nice routine most days too. Which makes life easier. I’m working on bedtime being a little more set, rather than just when he feels tired. After dinner, he’s got a little time to play before we get our jammies on, we brush our teeth, and we read books. He’s been going to bed around 8 most days, and still sleeps til 6-6:30.

What else can I say about my little guy? I’m still caught off guard, when someone calls me “Colt’s Mom”. But every day with him just feels natural.


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