Birth Control

A little while ago, I started thinking about getting on some form of birth control again. I haven’t been on anything in years, but now that I know it’s possible to get pregnant, and we’re not thinking about more kids at this time, I decided I needed to do something.

I’ve done the pills. The patches. The shots. I don’t know if it was the cause of my weight gain. Or my more moody behavior in my early 20’s. But I wasn’t necessarily looking for a non-hormonal method. 

I was looking for ease of use. And my doctor, at one point, had mentioned an IUD. I asked around with my friends and got a bunch of different opinions. Most of what I heard wasn’t bad.

I made an appointment with my doc for a consultation. She recommended the Mirena. I did some research and came to the same conclusion.

Monday, I had it implanted. During my lunch break of all times. I don’t really recommend that. The implanting didn’t hurt, but it was a little uncomfortable. It was quick at least.

I definitely felt cramping after. Nothing obscene, more like period cramps, and they did worsen on my drive home.  I took some ibuprofen and that helped. I had some bleeding that night, but after child birth it wasn’t anything.

As the week progressed, the cramping got less intense and less frequent. By today, Friday, it’s pretty much gone. Though I tend to feel a little cramping after I pee. Like I’m relieving pressure on my uterus.

I have also felt bloated all week. I’m not sure if that’s related. But I’ve seemed gassy and my stomach has been rumbling a lot. 

The thing that surprised me, was cramping in my left thigh.  It seemed to be a common side effect. 

I’m hoping that next month when I get my period again, if I do, that it won’t be bad.  And I won’t have cramps. But we’ll see. 

I’ll keep posting about my experience, if you’re interested. 


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