13 Months (plus some days)

It has been much harder to find the time or energy to write. 

A few new things going on in my life, where I’m trying to get back to being more than just a mom. Trying to spend a few hours here and there without the kiddo, and thinking about how to get back into shape. I’m basically at my pre-baby weight again.

But Colt is still amazing. He runs or wants to walk everywhere. He loves to climb. He can go up and down stairs. And he’s enjoying the swing, climber and slide in the backyard now that the weather has been a little better.

Colt is also starting to communicate more. It’s not all grunts and yells anymore. There are things that make you wonder if he really did say something. He says ‘dog’ when he sees Willy from next door, or while watching TV.  Occasionally, he says what sounds like ‘Hi’  and ‘Good’. He’ll pick up books and babble as he turns the pages.

The sign language instruction at daycare is paying off as well. He signs ‘milk’, ‘all done’, and ‘more’.  Of course usually when he says ‘more’ he means goldfish crackers. 

And speaking of eating. The kid went from making me worried that he wasn’t eating enough, or at least enough variety, even though he eats so well at daycare, to eating for hours on end.  A meal followed by a snack, followed by another, and then another meal. He’s now back to being less hungry, still picky occasionally, but, I keep telling myself he’s fine. 

He’s pretty much down to just one nap a day. A good 2 hours at least. Though  now that he’s more active, and he’s getting outside more, he seems to be pretty tired at the end of the day.  Still sleeping through the night, for a good 12 hours or so.


I’m happy that this kid is the center of my world.


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