Food Fight

Once again, Colt’s eating habits has this momma over thinking things and being a worry wart.image

Colt is generally a good eater. He eats things I would never expect a kid to eat. Olives. Stew. Salmon. And at school with all the kids he does great.

At home, it’s hit and miss. Sometimes he eats really well. Other times he’s not even the slightest bit interested. I remind myself that he’ll eat if he’s hungry.

I remind myself that he’s still used to getting his sustenance from a bottle, so his sippy cup of milk is his go to.

I just wish he was a little more patient at meal times. Patience I’m sure will come with time.

I rationalize that he has plenty of energy. He still sleeps through the night and doesn’t seem hungry. At school he eats regular meals and snacks. I don’t give him juice unless he’s constipated. And I don’t think he fills up on too much sugar.

I’ll keep checking his weight of course. Make sure he’s still on track. I’ll keep offering him a variety of good foods. And I’m sure that in the next 6 months, I’ll see a big improvement.

Until then, we’ll keep working on those spoon skills.


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