Happy Birthday Colt!


12 Months! A Year Old! Can you believe it?

It’s baffling to me to think it’s been a year already.  I look at my friend’s new son only a few weeks old and I can’t believe how much Colt has grown since he was so little and helpless.

And later when Colt and Parker are playing in the woods, building forts and getting dirty, you’d never know that they were 10 months different in age.

Every day is amazing still. And a challenge still. There are nights when I can’t wait for him to go to bed because I am tired and I want to just chill and do nothing. And then there are nights like the other day when I hugged Mike and said “I miss our son.” He asked if I meant our happy child, (Colt’s been sick most of January and not the happiest camper). I said “No, I just want to play with him some more tonight.”

I miss those days when he was just a tiny helpless baby. It actually seemed less stressful. There wasn’t much more to our days besides sleeping and eating. Now there’s the daily struggle to get dressed. The bumps and bruises when he falls down. And my new favorite of letting food he doesn’t like/want to eat fall out of his mouth. But I know those are all just the challenges of growing up.

Colt was sick for most of January, as I mentioned above. Starting out the month with a stomach bug that went around daycare. And then transforming into a cold with congestion and a cough. It’s like taking a few steps back in that we are trying to learn to eat solid foods all over again.

When I ran out of formula mid month, I switched Colt to cow’s milk. He seems to be doing great with it. He’s also moved on to eating the school snacks and lunches (which I wrote about here).  Lately he hasn’t been very interested in dinner, but he doesn’t seem to be starving so I am not to worried. I’ll see what the pediatrician has to say at his check up later this week. Oh, and he has 8 teeth now! I love that toothy grin!

Colt is still not walking on his own. He’s still relying on his push toys. I’ve started limiting his time with them to hopefully encourage him to walk some more. He will walk between two people if prompted. And a few steps here and there if he wants something. But his instinct is still to crawl. He can do it when he wants so I’m not concerned.

Colt’s not really saying too many words yet, but my sister Jerrica and I swear he told us he was going “to dada” the other day, and I think I heard him say “dog” when the next door neighbor’s dog Willie, stopped by. And he still babbles up a storm.

Its cute now too, how Colt will clap along when he hears music. He still rocks back and forth when he hears something he likes. We like to sing “BINGO” because we can clap along.

Colt is doing really well at daycare. He continues to bring home artwork. His teachers have nothing but nice things to say about him. Even when I know he can be a bit of a stinker. I’m starting to get to know more of the other moms as well and that’s nice. His friend Liam was sick with the same stomach bug at the same time as Colt. His mother and I had a good laugh over it. Because sometimes, even when your child is sick, you and other parents can at least bond over being puked on.

And in case anyone is wondering how the numbers add up for a little guy like this, give or take a few that I missed adding to our Baby Connect app, in one year:

  • We changed 2937 diapers
  • He’s drank a combined 75.8 gallons of Breastmilk, Formula, Water or Cow’s Milk
  • Which equals out to 2301 bottles/sippy cups

What can I say, I am a stat nerd. 

We’ll be celebrating Colt’s First Birthday next weekend on Mike’s birthday. Just a few family a friends. When he gets older we can plan on more exciting parties. But this will be more for us anyhow. Food, friends, family, and watching a little guy eat cake!

I’m going to miss my little baby, but I’m really looking forward to this next year of discovery and independence. Colt is such a happy guy, usually laid back, and such an amazing part of my life, I couldn’t be a prouder, happier mom.



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