Real Food?

I started off with this whole “making my own baby food” mentality. I was good at it. I made all kinds of purees for him. Vegetables? No problem. Fruit? Nailed it.

And then I started running out of ideas for purees. I have a whole cookbook on baby food and I was terrified to feed kiddo quinoa. It was an exotic food to me, it would be extraterrestrial to him!

Beets. Blueberries. Zucchini. Pumpkin. None of that scared me. Introducing more “regular” foods became tougher, and I had to get those foods to school too. So I fell back on the baby foods. Mac and Cheese made with a carrot sauce? Sure! Turkey and Root Veggies? Great! Hell, I even offered him some of the funkier grains too! But, even that, was difficult, the more “unique” food items were more expensive.

But we have managed for a few months now. And Colt ate his Thanksgiving feast like a champ. Followed that up with leftover Turkey Pot Pie. And hell, even devoured a few meals worth of Hasenpfeffer (Rabbit Stew). And his little stunt, where he would only eat certain foods for the ladies at daycare seems to have finally ended. Not kidding the kid would not eat fruit at home, only at daycare. 

Currently Colt eats just about all day.

6:30 AM: 6 oz bottle formula
7:00 AM: Snack (Cheerios, Graham Crackers, or fruit)
9:00 AM: 6 oz bottle formula, and breakfast (cereal, yogurt, oatmeal or applesauce)
12:00 PM: 6 oz cup formula, and some kind of lunch (about 4 oz or so fruit, veggies, leftovers).
3:00 PM: 6 oz cup formula, and a snack (puffs, crackers, fruit, veggies, cheerios, whatever finger foods).
5:30 PM: cup of water and dinner (either pre-made or something Mike and I are eating).
7:30 PM: 8 oz bottle formula

And yes, I know, Colt is a growing boy. And if he’s hungry, feed him. And he’s not overweight. Though, I do see him next to toddlers and think he looks like a giant baby next to them. 

I guess I am just worried that if I take away his biggest source of calories, he’s going to starve.

I picked up a copy of his school’s menu. They offer a morning snack, lunch and an afternoon snack. I have been trying to use it as inspiration for meals for Colt. Examples: AM Snack of a half a banana and milk. Ok that’s doable. Lunch; whole wheat mac-n-cheese, broccoli, fruit, and milk. Ok yea, I can do that.

And yet, I still have those moments where Colt takes like 3 bites of something Mike and I are eating and I think, how on Earth are you going to survive when I stop giving you a bottle.  I guess I am going to take it one day at a time. I mean, he’s already getting 2 cups a day, so I can start getting him down to only 2 bottles a day, and then cut out the breakfast bottle and eventually the before bed bottle.

And just when I had stopped giving thought to this and started focusing on other things, I get to daycare to pick up Colt the other day, and his teacher asks, “Is Colt on school lunch?” “No, I’ve been thinking about it,” I replied. “Oh cause everyone is off today and no one was sure, and he always eats with the big kids. Well, he had sloppy joes and veggies today. And he ate it all!”

Now I am back to considering enrolling him in school lunch with the start of the year.

edit: Since starting back to daycare in the new year, I have increased his cup count from 2 to 4. He is now waking up and having a sippy cup of formula in his high chair while Mike and I get ready for work. Then he has two more cups of formula at school and a cup of water. However, before bed he’s still getting a bottle. We’ll keep working on that one.

He’s also started on the school lunches. After I talked to his teacher the first day back she pretty much agreed that he’s good to go. He’s been eating all of the other kids foods anyway, so why not! 



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