My Little Walker

It didn’t take long for Colt to pick up on crawling after moving up classrooms at daycare. And once he mastered the crawl, it seemed all of his schoolmates were starting to walk.

About a month ago, Colt started to walk around the house using his walking toys. And it wasn’t long after, that he started getting brave and standing without holding on.

The other day, I stopped into the studio where I’m getting Colt’s One Year photos taken. I asked what I could expect from a sitting with them, “Is he standing?” the salesperson asked. “Yes!” I replied. She continued, “Is he walking?” “Not quite” I answered. “Oh, you’ll be surprised what can happen in a few weeks!”

She was right.

A little encouragement from Grandmama today, and a bit more from his Aunt Debbie, and he was off.

He’s still only walking with encouragement, and between two or more people, or between me and his walker as he did last night.

I’m curious if getting back to daycare this week with all of his walking friends will encourage him to walk more on his own. He know’s he’s still faster crawling.

I’m excited to see how he’ll be doing on his birthday!


3 thoughts on “My Little Walker

    • No Doubt! We have a gate between the living room and the rest of the house, and of course safety locks on everything. But You do suddenly become aware of like tiny things that you didn’t really care about before. Open a bottle of beer? yea, better trash that cap and not just leave it on the counter. Drop food while cooking (I miss my dog!)? Yep get that before the tiny hands at my feet do. Oh yea, and that. Tiny hands under your feet! I very gently, accidentally kicked him the other day trying to step over him while going from the stove to the fridge. Ugh! Parenthood is not graceful!


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