11 Months!


What a busy month! Colt has mastered the art of walking with assistance (with either a walk behind toy, or holding hands) and just recently he took a few steps not holding on at all. He is getting braver every day, standing a lot without holding on. It’s only a matter of time before he’s running, not walking, through the house.

Colt is also getting really good with his various toys, like his stacking ring, his shape sorter bucket and blocks, or putting balls in toys that make them fall or pop. All in the last week or so he’s really shown some amazing skills that just leave me in awe. I’m amazed watching him roll balls or push a car across the floor. All skills that say ‘Hey, I know how this works!”

Colt now has five teeth (3 up top and 2 on the bottom). And it looks like we’ll be getting some more soon. It’s really cute to watch him bite Cheerios in half before he eats them. Well when he isn’t shoving a handful in his mouth! Besides Cheerios, he loves anything crunchy he can feed himself. He’s still not to keen on picking up fruit or pasta. As the month has progressed, I’ve moved more away from chunky purées and more towards more standard table foods. Still he prefers to be spoon-fed.

Moving away from bottles in a month or so doesn’t look like it will be much of a hassle. Colt is already drinking 2 “bottles” from straw cups at school, and I plan to introduce a 3rd soon. He seems to prefer food over the liquid nourishment most times anyway.

While Colt is still mostly sleeping through the night, we’ve had a few nights of trouble. What seemed to be related to a change in routine may have been sleep regression. There have been a few nights recently where he’s woke in the middle of the night and just does not want to go back to sleep. It’s been heartbreaking but a few times after trying everything we could; bottles, teethers, nightlight, water, diaper changes, rocking, whatever, that we just had to let him whine about it on his own. From full on cries and sobs or tiny whimpers. According to the clock, it’s only ever a few minutes, but it certainly feels like forever.

Colt is getting easier to parent each day. There are not as many diaper changes, though it seems he’s always eating. Playing with him is getting more fun too. He can interact with us more. And he really responds well to praise, I mean who wouldn’t, but he gets excited just like us when he does something good.

There are still challenges, and I would never expect that there won’t be. Colt knows how to test boundaries. Like playing with putting crayons in his mouth. He knows when you leave him, but thankfully, that hasn’t bothered him at daycare drop offs yet. He doesn’t like having to go to bed, that’s probably the toughest thing at the moment.

I love when Colt has good days. If the worst thing that has to happen to him all day is a nap, then I think we did pretty good. I must say “good boy!” or “great job!” a thousand times a day. And I mean it.


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