10 Months!

photogrid_1448933178245.jpgOk yea, the fact that we are coming close to a year already is crazy. It scares me and excites me! I know my days of having a baby are limited, the signs are everywhere. From the way he communicates, the way he plays, the way he eats even. All signs that my little boy is becoming a toddler.

This last month has seen a huge leap in Colt’s abilities. From crawling, he now walks all over the place using his walk-behind toys. You can’t keep that kid down at all. He is constantly on the go, go, go! I mean I hardly get photos of him any more where a part of him isn’t blurry. I mean seriously, I couldn’t get him to look at me for anything when I took his 10 month photo. Dad is jumping up and down behind me.

And it’s a ton of fun, watching him zip all over the house. Watching him dare himself to take a hand off his toy, or catch himself clapping while standing. It’s exhausting most days too. I think I say “Colt” about a thousand times a day now.

If he’s not walking or crawling all over, he’s climbing on the couch. Or trying to grab at everything on the end tables. Or opening and slamming cupboards. He’s also very fond of banging things, and he’s learned how to throw. His highchair blocks seem to make it into 3 rooms now with a quick sweep of his arm.

But, when Colt isn’t running amok, he’s really good at stacking blocks, and putting round things in round holes, like his shape sorter bucket, or the balls in the holes in his car. His attention to details is becoming more evident. He’s always exploring things, turning them over and over. And of course tasting everything.

And tasting everything is an understatement. Colt will eat an entire meal and  as soon as you put one thing in your mouth he’s standing there, mouth agape. And he’ll eat and eat and eat. And then still turn around and have a big bottle before bed. He refuses to eat sweet things while at home, but is pretty good about eating whatever his teachers feed him. I think it’s the atmosphere and seeing all of the other kids eating. Though, I’d love to see how they do it.

I am slowly introducing more finger foods to Colt’s diet. He’s still pretty happy about being spoon fed, and he’ll occasionally try to grab the spoon and do it himself. Which is really more like him just trying to chew on the spoon rather than actually eating. I have given him things like scrambled egg (yolks only), and mashed potatoes. Much more ends up on the floor than in his mouth.  But he’s working at it. Puffs don’t seem to miss his mouth as much, funny.

Oh, and not to mention, he’s up to 3 teeth now. The mysterious upper lateral incisor that appeared first, followed by his two lower central incisors. I was calling him snaggletooth earlier. There’s signs that those two upper incisors are coming. I keep singing “All I want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth”.

Which reminds me, Colt started rocking out to the music his car makes when you push the radio button. In fact, he learned that if he opens and closes the door often enough, it’ll play a song. Kicking his door back and forth and jamming out when the song would play. So, I got out my phone, turned on Toddler radio on Pandora and he was so happy!

Colt is still sleeping really well still too. With the exception being the other weekend while we were up north, he sleeps about 10 to 10 and a half hours a night. Going to bed somewhere between 7 and 8, and waking up in the 6 o’clock hour.

Other than feeling like I am constantly on the verge of either getting or ending a cold, and feeling pretty tired most days (thanks work!), I am doing pretty good. Mike thinks I need to find myself a hobby for when Colt goes to bed each night. He’s got his workshop and a project he’s always working on. I thought I’d be blogging more but even that doesn’t really fill my time much any more. And I’m not ready to go back to derby, with how far away practice is from me. I could always join a local league, but I’m just not interested in the time commitment right now, (nor the drama, for that matter).  I had the slightest inclination to get back into jewelry making, especially with a workshop in my garage, but even that I wasn’t that great at in high school.

Ah well, this little cutie is keeping me quite busy nonetheless.


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