A little late but not any less grateful.

We hosted Thanksgiving in our home this year. My mom and sisters, as well as Mike’s mom, brother, dad and Linda all came over.  More so, I think, to see Colt.

And Colt loved all of the attention!

He’s such a little ham, and a turkey too! Laughing and giggling at every opportunity. Squealing in delight at his new toys, and the fun new games he got to play.

We had a wonderful feast; ham and turkey dutifully smoked by Mike. Potatoes and stuffing, of course. A verity of dips and crackers. Vegetables. And surprise pierogies made by Dan. Oh, and dessert! Bread pudding, pie, and cake!

It was fun putting together a plate for Colt, especially since he can eat most anything now. And watching him eat was a treat!

Coming together as a family. Laughing and joking. And genuinely having a great time. That is what I am thankful for this year. 



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