Play Time!


A little while ago I decided that some of Colt’s younger baby things needed to go. I moved his swing to the garage. Disassembled his kick and play. And then rearranged his toys in the living room. But as I picked up and tried to put away all of his stuff, it was evident we needed something different.

My mom, Colt, and I headed up to Babies R Us with a coupon I’d recently received. We picked out a new toy box. Well, more like boxes as we thought the shelves with bins made a better option than a single chest. 

I assembled it while Colt played with Grandmama. And while he napped I reorganized his toys. I actually think he was a bit excited when he finally figured out what it was all about. 

Watching him go up to each little bin and discover what was inside was cute. He could pull himself up to take things out of the upper bins. And enjoyed taking the bins of toys and dumping their contents on the floor. 

I soon realized though, that the new hardwood floors were not exactly the best play surface. I was constantly worried he’d fall. And they’re a bit cold to play on. I looked on Amazon and found those foam puzzle piece floor mats for relatively cheap, and ordered the set with various trucks, trains and other methods of transportation. 

His new little play area is nearly perfect for him. Especially now that he’s up and down and all over the place. Mike had to install the safety locks on all of our cabinets recently. And the baby gate is getting some use as well. 

Having a place that he could play was important to me. And I didn’t want it to be in his room. Not yet any way. I felt it was important to have it out with the family. He’s part of us, he needs his space too. Eventually, his bedroom will be less of a nursery and more of a bedroom and play area.

I love watching him play in the colorful area. His face a mix of curiosity and determination. Every day Colt discovers something new; a toy, a sound, a puzzle, or skill.  Listening to his little yells, and laughter is what I live for everyday. My personal goal is to make Colt belly laugh in that way that babies do.


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