9 Months!


Colt has done so much growing this month! Started crawling just at the end of September and now he’s all over the place. He stands up without any help and can walk along the couch holding on. He claps his hands and has even started pushing a car on the floor.

Colt is eating more food from the table and has really mastered his pincher grasp. He loves to much on puffs, and yogurt drops. Anything he can put in his own mouth. And he’s got 2 teeth now! One on the top and one on the bottom! My own little jack-o-lantern!

Colt has his own little personality. He hates getting dressed these days and diaper changes are a handful. He likes to do his ‘alligator rolls’ as I call them to squirm away. I’m hoping we’ll out grow that soon.

Colt is definitely a handful these days, always wanting to do things himself and not being afraid of anything. He’s got to be watched all the time as he likes to push the edge just a bit, and I’m always on standby for when it doesn’t work out. Tumbling out of his car, trying to push his toys across the floor, if I think he couldn’t get hurt, he probably can figure out a way to do it.

Colt goes back to the pediatrician tomorrow. I’m looking forward to seeing how big this kid has gotten, other than how he fits in 12 month clothes already.
As for me, I continue to work on my patience. As a mother always will be. And I’ve decided to take this weekend to wean from my breast pump. With how active and busy Colt is these days it’s hard to steal away 20-30 minutes to pump. I figure I have a decent stash of milk in the freezer, and he’s been fine with formula. I’ve gone down to 2 pumps a day, and I figure it won’t be long. It’s a little bittersweet. But there will be so many advantages to not pumping it’s really going to be good for us all.

Halloween with Colt was fun. Friday I went to his daycare and we had a costume parade and a party. Colt was dressed as a skeleton. All of the kids costumes were really cute, Minnie Mouse, an elephant, a pumpkin, a penguin, a minion, Batman & Robin, and a puppy. A few other parents were there too. We loaded the kids into the table seats and they all shared a bunch of puffs, apple snacks, and some applesauce. On Saturday, Colt helped me pass out candy to the Trick or Treaters.


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