(A Little Part of Me) Dreads the Weekend

Friday afternoon, before leaving work for the day, I chatted with my coworkers about our plans for the weekend. Chris said that he had to be up early for the dentist, and joked that I’d be sleeping in. I laughed.

Later when I picked Colt up from daycare, and he was excited and grabbing hold of my neck like he does, I was happy to see him too. Gathering up his things as he pulled on my hair, ears, and glasses. I wished Ms. Rachel a good weekend and headed home with the little guy. 

There’s a bit part of me that dreads the weekend.

I love spending time with my boys. I love seeing my family. I love getting to experience new things with my son. I even love running errands with them.

But the weekends are not a time of rest for me any more. It’s waking up early. It’s entertaining Colt. It’s keeping him safe and out of mischief. It’s wrestling him in and out of diapers and clothes. It’s planning 3 meals, a snack, and 4 bottles while also trying to eat myself. It’s trying to pump 3 times where I have to keep little fingers from pulling on hoses and cords.

And you ask, where is Mike in all this. He’s around. I can ask him to do things from time to time. He’s always got his projects too. I think he gets it when I’m near wits end. And I know I can always ask my family for help.

Mike joked about when Colt will learn patience. I told him he won’t truly understand the meaning until Colt has children of his own.

Honestly, I know it isn’t always easy. And there are some really great times between all the busy. And I don’t apologize when I need a moment. But I do appreciate any and all help I can get. 

For every loss there is a win. For every sleepless night, there is the joy and delight in hearing Colt laugh uncontrollably. I still wouldn’t change it for the world. I will however, be taking a day off from work for my birthday, dropping Colt off at daycare and I don’t care if I don’t do anything at all that day!



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