8 Months!

wpid-wp-1443651519885.jpegThis month started with the end of Colt’s little back slide in waking up in the middle of the night. As soon as he was through his little rough patch, he was back snoozing from 8pm to 6am.

We celebrated Labor Day at home. Mike busy in the garage, and then later we visited Doug and Debbie at a nearby campground.

Fall is starting to move in and we had a few cooler weather weekends. We took advantage of one and took a trip to Rochester Cider Mill for cider and donuts. We also made another trip up north to the cabin.

Colt’s still eating all kinds of purees, and I’m still enjoying making up anything that I can and making up new combinations. He’s still getting the hang of finger foods. Still no teeth.

A new skill Colt is working to master is standing. He started pulling up to a stand with some assistance. But soon he was pulling himself up in his crib. One instance of that was all we needed to know it was time to lower his crib. Now he insists on standing whenever possible. And he’ll also kneel to play with his toys.

This past weekend saw the start of some new sounds, he likes to exclaim “dadadada!” First word maybe? And he likes to clap! And just the other day started crawling a little bit. I’m sure he’ll be zipping around in no time!

Daycare must have seen this coming. They decided to move Colt and his friend Liam up to the Infant B Classroom. No big changes for Colt, I still drop him off and pick him up in the same room. And he’s used to most all of his teachers already. Though, eventually he’ll spend less time with the baby babies and get on more of a school schedule. We started testing the waters to see how he’d do with 2 naps, 2 meals, and a snack, and so far so good!

He’s getting so big! When dressing him for the cooler weather in pants and hoodies, he looks like a little boy. When I sit on the floor and he stands in front of me, we can see eye to eye.

He continues to amaze me with his curiosity. Watching him figure out little puzzles, and playing games with him are joys I look forward to everyday. Unfortunately, he’s also learned to test my patience when he rolls over during diaper changes or refuses to nap. But when those pretty blue eyes finally close, and that soft cheek is on my shoulder, it does a pretty good job of reminding me of how happy I am to be a mom.


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