More Baby Food

People keep joking about how I must have to much time on my hands if I’m able to make most of Colt’s food.

Honestly, it’s super easy.

I thought it would be this time consuming, all afternoon kind of stuff, but it really isn’t.  I take 15 minutes here and there and Colt has a variety of foods to eat every day.

First, I stumbled upon a website that really helps.  The contributors have done a great job organizing the site so that it’s easy to understand and use.  You can search for foods your thinking about offering your child, it will tell you all about its nutrients, when to offer it, how to prepare it, and various recipes.

Second, I use my stick blender a lot! I don’t have a fancy one, it’s really basic, has 2 speeds, and came with a tall container that is perfect for blending things in.

Third, I have a streamer. One of those separate units that has 2 baskets that you can stack and steam multiple items at once.

Both of the above gadgets were things we already had, and used pretty frequently.  I keep them in a place that’s handy to get to so that I don’t have to convince myself to get it out.

Whenever I have a free moment, I know that sounds silly coming from a first time mom of an infant, I make something. When do I find these moments? I set Colt in his high chair, usually just after feeding him something, I can fill a sink full of water and soak the days bottles. He drinks his bottle, and I peel a few apples and cut them into cubes. Toss those into the steamer for 15-20 minutes. Grab a half a bag of frozen peas and toss them in the microwave with some water. While I wash the bottles, Colt plays with his blocks, and I periodically check on the foods. Once the dishes are done, I blend the peas, pour into ice cube trays. Wash the stick blender and then puree the apples.  Pour, freeze, done.

A few days later when I think about it again, I pop the food out of the trays and put them in ziplock bags.  Every night, I just put cubes of whatever into bowls for Colt to take to daycare. And to have at home.

Not only does he eat apples and peas, but he likes pears, bananas, avocado, peaches and watermelon. Green beans, sweet potatoes and squash. I also keep containers of Pre-made Gerber cereals around, (as I haven’t found an easy way to make that in advance). And now, yogurt is also in rotation.

As he gets older, I’m looking forward to adding new foods to his diet, and offering more finger foods.  He seems to really like the teething cookies I made for him.  And he’ll use the self feeder when it’s handed to him, but he’s still not great with his pincer grip. We’re working on that daily with the introduction of “puffs”. He loves to eat, and I’m hoping that’s a trait he keeps up into his toddler days.


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