7 Months!


I say this every time, but seriously how  does it go by so quickly!

We had a few adventures this month. First being a trip to Windsor, Ontario  Canada.  Mike and his brother were both born in the States, but their parents are both from Canada.  We went under the river to visit Margaret’s large extended family. Great Uncles and Aunts, and cousins galore.  The Kelly get together is always a good time.  And Grandmama was gleaming!

We also stopped by Grandpa Ken’s, as well as have him and Linda over for dinner. We took walks to Grandma’s house. And had lots of play time with Aunts Jessie & Jerri.

We went to Cook’s Farm Dairy, and saw cows and pigs. Mom, dad and Grandmama wouldn’t share their ice cream just yet.

Colt sits up on his own really well now. He’s starting to lean towards things he wants and sometimes ends up on his belly in the process.  If you hold him, he’ll stand. And recently there has been some advancement towards crawling.

Colt eats solid foods 3 times per day. And has quite the repertoire of foods to eat.  Avocado, apples, pears, peaches, bananas. Sweet potato, squash, peas, green beans, carrots. He’s still drinking as much milk as mom can make plus 2 or so bottles of formula each day. He has been making little attempts to drink from his sippy cup with the straw.  He’s also started to eat a few finger foods and is doing really well with the pincer grip.

He’s a big kid, but not huge.  Wearing 9 month clothes. Still no teeth yet.

Colt loves his outdoor time with Dada. Stroller rides, tractor rides or just hanging out with the neighbor.

He’s still mostly good about going to bed.  Though this last growth spurt did test mommy’s patients a bit. I’ve had a bit of a sinus things and so has Colt.

I love his smile, and his laugh. And the way he seems to tell me about his day as we drive home from daycare.  He’s not much of a snuggler, but he’ll slam his head into my chest for a hug now and again.


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