Colt’s First Trip to Cook’s Farm Dairy!

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Looking for something to do on Sunday as a family, Grandmama suggested going to Cook’s.  Even though Colt couldn’t have ice cream yet, he could still get his first up close encounter with some farm animals!

Ever the little curious one, he was intently watching as we walked up to the first cow. He really didn’t know what to expect when we walked down the aisle way and all of the cows started mooing simultaneously!

Besides the big cows, there were a few little calves, that are always so adorable to pet as they jump around excitedly,or hide in their little houses.

And my other favorites, the pigs!

Of course the real reason to go to Cook’s is for the ice cream. Colt will be old enough to have it soon. At least in moderation.

I am looking forward to a number of visits each with growing excitement as Colt gets older.


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