And Then I Laughed

This week has been full of mommy guilt. 

Not long after we got home from our lovely weekend up north Colt broke out into a rash. 

Was it heat rash? He did spend quite a bit of time in his stroller on Saturday and more then enough time in his car seat. 

Maybe it was a food allergy? I’d bought some mango to take with us over the weekend because of convenience and because Gerber said it was a first food. He’d eaten it Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Or perhaps it was the fabric softener? I always get the Downey free and clear for sensitive skin since I’m prone to eczema patches. Mike had bought the same but in the Meijer version. 

Either way, it didn’t seem to be bothering him at all. And didn’t seem like it was was part of any bigger concerns.

So I kept my eye on it all week.

Only in the past few days did he start itching behind his ears. So I finally took Colt to the pediatrician Saturday morning.

We were due to go to Paul’s son’s birthday party at a park and I wanted to know if I should be keeping him dry with cornstarch or putting moisturizer on it.  I most definitely didn’t want it getting worse. 

The doctor said it looked fine. She told me it was common for fair haired, fair skinned babies to get rashes. Told me to stop using the Johnson & Johnson bath wash and switch to something less harsh, like a bar of Dove. She gave me tips on how to reintroduce mango once the rash goes away. 

On the way home, I stopped at Meijer and got some of the Aveno Baby lotion for eczema as well as a few other things.  I’ll be keeping an eye out this weekend and hopefully it will get better.

We had a fun time with Paul’s family celebrating Max’s 8th birthday. I can’t believe he’s that old already. 

But what really got me laughing out loud Saturday.

And turned around the mommy guilt.

I was in the living room pumping. (I wish I’d actually seen this). Mike was in the kitchen with Colt, feeding him some applesauce. And he runs out and Colt’s still hungry. So he grabs a new container of food off the counter. He grabs prunes (which I wish he hadn’t because Colt hadn’t had those yet). Dark. Sticky. Prunes. He’s feeding away and Colt decides he’s full. 

I hear Mike cleaning up. And then.

“Oh no!”

“Did you leave the Prunes on the highchair?” I asked, not being able to see.


Next thing I see is Mike hustle Colt across the room, holding him out away from himself. Covered. Covered in prunes.

I love it. I love that we’re not perfect parents. I love that we don’t make the best choices. I love that sometimes we make mistakes. I love that sometimes we’re messy. And I love that we can laugh about it.

I really wish I had a picture.


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