Six Months!


I just can’t believe how big he’s getting!

Just after his 5 month birthday he suddenly was able to sit up on his own and loves to eat solids. And just a little while ago, he started rolling from tummy to back. When you put him on his belly for tummy time, he’ll pull himself around in circles.

Still no teeth. But we’ve been teething for a while now.

He still loves to jump in his Jumperoo, and he now plays really well with blocks and other small toys in his highchair.

Bath time is super fun, he splashes with his legs until he gets the confidence to sit up and then he’ll use his hands.

Speaking of splashing, we took him to Grandpa’s house on Lake St Clair to try out his life jacket. He was not amused. Grandma also got him a little kiddie pool for the backyard and has had fun playing in it.

Colt also got to see Lake Michigan recently when we went to Charlevoix for Brian’s wedding. And he went to Max’s 8th birthday party up in Kimball.

Colt is so interested in so many things, it’s wonderful watching him. At school, he’s had two special guests; a musician and a guy who brought in animals. Both times his teachers said he just had a blast. The other weekend, he got to see a blacksmith work, and that guy was just as amazed at little Colt.

We’ve still had our ups and downs health wise. Colt always seems to have a stuffy nose in the morning. And a cough every so often. And we think he may have had a reaction to some mango. We’re waiting that out to see if it goes away on its own.

We go back to the pediatrician on Monday for more shots. And I can’t wait to see where he is growth wise. He barely fits in 6 month clothes any more.


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