Trip to Charlevoix: Drayton’s Wedding

We’ve known about this trip for quite some time. Before Colt was born even.

First it was wondering what we were going to do with a near 6 month old. We thought about who could watch him while we were gone. Would he stay home or come up to Camp Grief at least.

Once the invite had arrived formally, we were told that we had to bring him. That there were going to be a ton of kids any way. So that was settled.

Then we spent time wondering what to do with Diesel. There were many plans that had been scrapped over the years because we didn’t want to have to leave Diesel behind.  It’s still one of those moments where you feel guilty about feeling relief.

Mike and I both took Thursday and Friday off of work. We spent Thursday morning getting packed. It’s amazing how much stuff you have to bring when you go up north for 4 days.

The trip up started a bit rocky, as Mike’s bank put a freeze on all of his accounts. Not because someone had stolen his info, no. Rather it was because over a month ago, he added me to his account. They sent a letter asking me to send a copy of my social security card. Um, no. So even though we went into the bank with my card.  Apparently, wives are suspicious.

The trip up wasn’t too bad. Colt was awake for a good bit of it. Playing and cooing in the his car seat behind us. Only fussing a bit when he needed a diaper change.

Our first night at the cabin we took a truck ride around the property, Colt curious as usual until being lulled to sleep by the movement. We had dinner and got to bed at a good time.

wpid-img_20150724_102052686_hdr.jpgFriday morning, we repacked the van. And while I pumped, Mike took Colt for a walk in his new backpack carrier. I got it from a friend’s sister via a mom-to-mom sale group on Facebook. It’s a really nice carrier that had never been used, I purchased it for $15. I’d say it was a steal.

Just before 11, we got on the road to Petoskey. It had been a long time since I had been up that stretch of I-75. Driving past Lewiston and Gaylord brought back so many memories of my childhood summers spent with my grandparents.

wpid-img_20150724_140520182_hdr.jpgWe made it to Petoskey with time to spare, so we headed downtown and found a nice park on the coast.  Colt’s first look at Lake Michigan.

Soon we were dressed and back in the car headed to Charlevoix. The wedding was at a really pretty castle built in 1918. Castle Farms had a number of beautiful gardens, full of flowers.

Brian and Catherine said there vows in the courtyard, and the reception was in the Knights Hall.  The ceremony was full of love and included Brian’s daughter Ivy.

The food was amazing, some of the best cocktail shrimp and smoked cheese for appetizers. And for a fancy dress wedding, it sure was funny trying to eat BBQ ribs.

wpid-wp-1437999737877.jpegWe had a great time and were happy to have shared in the moment.

The next morning we headed back down to Harrison. On the way, we stopped at a Tractor and Flywheel Show. Mike seemed to really enjoy showing Colt all of the old tractors and motors. There was also a blacksmith shop where a burly guy named Grizz made Colt a carriage hook.


The morning weather had started off drizzly and cool but it was quickly getting sunny and humid. We headed back to the nice air-conditioned van.

We opted for the scenic route home, driving past the lake house my grandparents had when I was a kid. Colt was good in the car for most of the time, only getting fussy when he needed a diaper or bottle.

We concluded our little vacation at Camp Grief. It was a nice weekend, if not long. But we proved we could vacation with an infant.


One thought on “Trip to Charlevoix: Drayton’s Wedding

  1. Really happy to have your family with us at the wedding! We enjoyed meeting Colt and I can see fatherhood agrees with you Mike!


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