Momma vs. Gerber: Round One

wpid-wp-1437345556045.jpegToday I decided to try my hand at making baby purees for Colt. How hard could it really be right? I guess I will let you know when Colt actually eats it.

Mike’s mom had picked up this Baby Chef at a thrift store and while I didn’t need another appliance in the kitchen, I figured the price was right.

I got it all cleaned up. Plugged it in. It made a beep noise. I added some ripe mango to the blender side and… Nothing. Mike played around with it. Nothing. Well, so much for that.

wpid-wp-1437345542471.jpegI dug around and got out my well used steamer, and my little food processor and got started. In the amount of time it took Colt to nap, and Mike to install a light and a medicine cabinet in the bathroom, I chopped, steamed, puréed, and portioned out; 1 mango, 1 sweet potato, 1 apple, 1 pear, and one banana. I figured I would start small and see how it goes.

I purchased freezer trays from Amazon a few weeks ago. They are one ounce portions and they are a silicone tray that sits in a hard plastic tray and they stack well. Once they are frozen I will pop them out and put them in bags in the chest freezer. I also bought 4 lidded glass dishes. I figure I can throw a cube into a glass jar and let it defrost over night to be taken to daycare. And if need be the glass will allow them to be warmed in the microwave or the crockpot of hot water they use for bottles.

I ended up with 16 portions of sweet potato, 8 portions of mango, 7 banana, 3 apple and 2 pear in the freezer and then another 1 apple and 2 pears in the fridge. If those seem to go ok I’ll be trying other foods.

Today, my mom fed Colt some green beans, and after we warmed those up a smidge he seemed to enjoy them. I am looking forward to trying all kinds of new foods over the next few months. They say it’s best to give him a taste of as many foods as you can before they turn one. It’ll help make them a less fussy eater.

Inspiration for purées came from the Baby and Toddler Cookbook and Pintrest. As he get’s older I will try out some new foods, textures, and combinations. I’m also keeping my options open for some baby led weaning finger foods.


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