The End of the Infant Carrier

It’s official, I’m moving Colt up from the Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Carrier into a big boy convertible car seat.

Colt is probably still little enough for his infant carrier, but he’s just getting crazy heavy to be lugging it around. Lately, when I pick him up from daycare I’ve been leaving the seat in the car and just carrying him out. Seems to be less heavy that way.

And it just so happens, I was probably the only person who got a deal on Amazon’s failed Prime Day. Amazon was offering an Additional 25% off select name brand baby items (applied in cart). I found the Graco Size4Me 65 Convertible Car Seat in a nice green color for $149.99. Which was already a deal from the original price of $189.99. Edit: Amazon is now selling this same car seat for over $200.

So I add it to my cart.

No discount.

Well if I know Amazon, if you sit and wait on it to get fixed, it isn’t going to work out for you.  So, considering it was still a decent price on a good car seat, I bought it. And then sent Amazon an email.

Over the next two days, Amazon Customer Service and I sent a few emails back and forth. It wasn’t looking good that id be getting my 25% off. I hate doing it, but I pulled the “I’ll cancel my membership” card. It finally ended with them issuing a refund for the 25% that I should have received.

I installed it in the Corolla Friday. It was surprisingly easy using LATCH on the passenger side.  I even got a few inches back in the front seat. It has 3 positions for reclining; 1 rear facing, and 2 forward facing. The harness adjusts with the pull of a handle, increasing the height of the headrest along with it. Reviews I saw on YouTube showed a 7 year old sitting in it comfortably.


But enough about that. I may have shed a tiny tear tonight holding my tiny baby boy. He’s getting so big. I don’t have a picture of him riding in it yet. I moved his infant carrier base into Mike’s van and we’ve taken that every where this weekend so far. It’ll be different Monday morning carrying him out to the car. And hopefully he wont fuss too much when I wake him up when we get there.


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