5 Months!


Where does the time go?

People keep telling me to appreciate what we have now because it won’t last forever. There seems to be this need to tell new moms that one night, you’ll rock your baby to sleep for a the last time, that one day he will want to run from you rather than hold on to you.

You spend all these moments celebrating the firsts; smile, laugh, words, steps, foods. And every one just reminds you “it won’t last forever”.

While you’re slowly mourning the loss of a first, you secretly can’t wait for the next. You spend your time thinking “I can’t wait until he’s big enough, old enough to do…” whatever.

So here it is…

Colt’s fourth month started with another trip to the pediatrician for another round of shots. He grew out of the 3-6 month clothes into 6-9 month. He was 15 lbs at his last weigh in.

We got Dada a coffee mug with our cute mugs on it for Father’s Day. We took a trip to the zoo! And went back up north for a day. 

Colt loves to jump in his Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo. He loves to put anything he can get in his mouth. And gets frustrated when he can’t.  He is doing much better at sitting up, only needing a little help.

He can hold his own bottle and feed himself most times. He’s tried rice cereal, applesauce, banana, and avocado. He’s not great with a spoon, a little better with the self feeder, but still has to be in the right mood. He eats about 6 ounces of breast milk in a sitting about every 4 hours. I’ve started giving him a bit of formula mixed in with one bottle to help stretch what I’ve been able to produce.

He started sleeping through the night, and after a week of that working well, we moved him into his own room.

We’ve had some fussy times in the evening lately, which I can attribute to either a growth spurt or teething. A nice warm bath seems to do a good job at distracting him from it. He loves to splash and play.

He’s a silly little boy who likes to be read to, especially if you say funny sounds like in Dr. Suess’s Oh Say Can You Say,  or The Book With No Pictures by B. J. Novak. Though his favorite right now seems to be, Your First Word Will Be Dada by Jimmy Fallon.

Last night, when trying to rock him to sleep, I turned on the Rockabye Lullabies station on Pandora. It’s odd, but somewhat calming to sing slow, quiet versions of ‘Wonderwall’ and ‘All About That Bass’.

He really is something. 


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