A Return to Roller Derby?

It’s still hard for me to determine if and when I’ll return to derby.

I see the posts from friends traveling here and there for this tournament and that.  And I miss the days on the road, but I’m looking forward to traveling with my family and relaxing more. And actually getting a chance to see more of these places than just the inside of their convention centers and arenas. 

And while I see league mates cheering on our teams, the interest to sit and watch a game isn’t really there. I never was a good sports spectator.  Though I do see myself continuing to cheer for my friends and going to home games. 

Unfortunately, lately, the thing holding me back a lot is money. Raising a kid isn’t cheap at all. Between daycare and the increase in health insurance, my paycheck is gone. As in I can’t even go to practice because that’ll cost gas money.

I’m sure it’ll be no time before I decide that I need to get out and have me time.  But for now I’m so excited for Colt to see and experience new things. And real only having the weekends to do much makes it hard. 

For now, I’ll just send best wishes to my friends heading to ECDX this weekend. 


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