Primary Care Giver

A recent conversation with a friend had them asking how much Mike helps out with Colt. I’m hoping to be able to share with you guys some other very interesting stuff that came out of that conversation, but let’s start with that initial request.

It’s had to say what a typical day is like at our house, because every day something changes to make what was normal yesterday, no longer the case today. I suppose that’s what to expect with an ever growing baby boy. But let me try.

Our morning usually gets started around 5:30am.  The coffee pot has gurgled its last gurgle, the alarm has chimed its last chime. I get up, pour coffee, get a bottle from the fridge, and start pumping. Mike gets up too and uses this time to hit the bathroom first.

Then he’s up taking care of the dog and packing lunches while I pack Colt and I’s bags for the day. Lately, Colt has been “sleeping in” so I have been doing the running around while he’s sleeping, previously I’d get up and feed him, then let him play or sleep. Once all of our bags are ready to go, Mike usually hauls everything out to the car and I get Colt ready to go. In the last 15 minutes, at about 6:45 or so, I am finally getting myself ready to go out the door. It’s best that way so I am not finding myself subject to a rice cereal shower.

I take Colt to daycare, as it’s on my way to work. And then pick him up on my way home.

Once I get home, Mike usually watches/plays with Colt while I unpack our bags from the day. I wash bottles, and get the next days bottles prepped. I try to get as much stuff ready for the next day as possible. Then I usually try to play with Colt while Mike makes dinner.

Our new routine has Colt starting to want to go to bed around 7:30ish. So I usually bathe him, change him, and feed him before putting him down. He has been so good this week, I am trying not to jinx it!  And previously, he was getting up once a night, and again, knock on wood, he wakes up a bit, and I am able to give him his pacifier and he goes back to sleep.

It may sound like Mike doesn’t do too much, but he really does keep the house running while I take on the mom duties.  Last weekend, I got to experience life without him for the first time. He had to go up north to take care of the property and I had previously made plans so we tried it out. Colt was a very good boy all weekend, so I was actually able to stay on top of laundry and dishes, though cooking for myself didn’t really happen. I wouldn’t want to do it all the time, that’s for sure.

So this probably wasn’t what my friend was expecting. If anyone else would like to share their stories of life at home with baby, and how their SO contributes, I would love to hear them/share them. 🙂


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