Food Matters

Despite the fact that I actually pumped more milk yesterday than Colt drank from a bottle, he managed to eat enough to put us in the red as far as fresh milk was concerned.

That meant I had a few options.

– I could borrow from today’s daycare bottles and hopefully make it up with the morning pump. PRO: He gets fresh milk for his before bed and morning bottles. CON: It can lead to future deficit in the milk supply.

– I could defrost some of the freezer stash. PRO: I’d have enough for all the feedings.  CON: I’d be taking away from the reserves I hope to use to prolong the amount of time Colt gets milk if my supply continues to drop.

– I could supplement the milk I have by adding formula to make up for the missing ounces.  PRO: Colt gets a full belly as is hopefully none the wiser.  CON: Formula, sigh. 

Since we introduced solids this week, I decided to supplement with formula.  The bottle he had at midnight was half and half milk and Enfamil for Supplementing.  And this morning, his bottle was 5 ounces of milk and an ounce of formula.  I had already had the formula from when I had to offer it to him before my milk came in. 

And Colt was none the wiser.

There are worse things in life than to worry about what kind of perfectly acceptable food to provide my baby.  He’s still receiving all of the nutrition he needs.  And hopefully we can keep moving forward with building up my supply. 

Now I’m free to worry about other stuff like sunscreen, ticks, mosquitoes, and being around water this summer. Ah, motherhood. 



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