Four Months!


I feel like it was only last week that I posted about Colt turning 3 months!

Let’s see, Colt continues to do great at daycare.  The staff there just love him. He’s just always so content, and he goes along with their crazy art projects. He’s made art with his hand and foot prints of everything from firemen to mermaids, flowers to chickens. I started scanning his projects as they come home with him so that I can add them to the Shutterfly book I want to make at the end of his first year.

He’s growing super fast! At his last weigh-in he was 13 lbs 5 oz. He’s not quite sitting up right on his own yet, but he’s making improvements. And we’ve also been working on rolling over, and I could see that milestone being met very shortly. He loves to grab things and put them in his mouth and he’s still one heck of a kicker. His appetite has grown recently too as he’s started this most recent growth spurt. As an effort to ensure he’s getting enough to eat, I started small attempts at nursing him again, and we seem to be doing well so far. He started giggling recently and never seems to stop smiling. He responds to his name pretty well, and I am kind of sure he was looking for his dada the other day when Mike had to work late.

Some fun things that have happened this month: Colt had his 2nd trip up north. He survived his first earthquake, tho I don’t know if he noticed. Colt and Daddy took me out for breakfast on Mother’s Day, and then we planted flowers. He spent lots of time with the grandparents. And he saw his first parade on Memorial Day.

He enjoys watching some television when he’s winding down. He likes the classics like The Muppets, Sesame Street, and Curious George. He also enjoys listening to Motown, and mommy doesn’t mind the “Rockabye Baby!” lullabies with covers of Pearle Jam, The Beatles, & Queen.

Parenting continues to challenge me every day, and not always in a negative way. It can be stressful at times but the bigger reward is out there. For every worry I have, there is that smile and joy in the eyes of my sweet baby boy that lets me know I’m doing just fine. I think I spend 90% of my time with him just kissing his little face.


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