It’s official, I finally understand exactly what it means to feel helpless.

Colt endured his second stint with illness this past weekend. In 3 and a half months no less.  Blame the daycare? Maybe. Blame the up and down Michigan weather? Most likely.

We’ve seen temperatures fluctuate from hot and humid, to frost warning, all in the last week. I try to make sure Colt stays at a decent temp but it isn’t easy.

Either way, I was so excited that Colt slept through the night Friday, and felt so rejuvenated Saturday morning. But after he drank his morning bottle and went right back to sleep, I knew something was wrong. 

Sure enough, that afternoon we had a stuffy nose. By that evening, a fever and suspected sore throat. 

Sleep wasn’t easy for our little guy, but we made him as comfortable as we could. I unfortunately didn’t get much sleep Monday night.

Monday we went to the pediatrician, but there really wasn’t anything they could do. Just confirmed it was a virus and to keep an eye on him. I stayed home with him that day, and that evening his fever spiked. Through it all he was still such a happy baby. Playing and laughing, when he could.  Though, there has been some crankiness.

Since he still couldn’t go to school Tuesday, Margaret came over and watched him while I worked from home.  The two of them had a pretty good day, and you could tell Colt was starting to feel better. 

Wednesday I took him back to daycare. He was missed by all of his teachers.  They are so cute.  I called after lunch and he seemed to be doing just fine.  He’s still a bit stuffy, but you can see progress.

Not being able to do much for that stuffy nose, makes you feel horrible. It’s hard for him to sleep and eat. And when I do try to help, by giving him some saline, it breaks my heart how much it bothers him.  Time is really the only medicine at this point. 

It can be overwhelming dealing with a sick infant, but I’m so lucky to have Mike and the rest of my family available to help out when I need it.  Hopefully, Colt will be feeling much better for the upcoming holiday weekend.


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