Mother’s Day (pt 2)

I couldn’t really ask for a better first Mother’s Day.

In true Mike fashion, he didn’t shower me with gifts, instead he spent the better part of Saturday laying the foundation of our new laundry room. While Mike was busy with that, Colt and I bought some flowers and veggies and got the gardens planted. Later, we had lunch with my mom and Jer, and did some more shopping.

Sunday, I was up early with Colt. I know, I should have slept in, but someone’s gotta make the milk around here. It wasn’t bad though. After finishing my mandatory break, I crawled back into bed and rather than getting a few more minutes of sleep, I found an awake baby ready to start his day. Hoping for some baby snuggles, I instead had a happy baby that wanted to sit on my tummy and kick his legs.

Colt and I got dressed, and Mike was up soon after. We decided to go out for breakfast and miss the brunch crowd. After that, we did some shopping at Lowes.

Mike got a bit more work done on the laundry room before Margaret and her friend brought over dinner. Later that evening, my mom and sisters came over.

Colt fell asleep in my arms. I couldn’t ask for a better end to the day.


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