Project: Laundry Room

Our new laundry room is getting started. And I’m pretty geeked about it.

The new room is going to allow us to have much needed storage. Especially now that Mike and I have combined our office space.

Mike has been cleaning out the old garage and getting it ready for construction. Recently he ran some power to the second half which will become his work room. The other day he corrected the insulation in the rafters. And just this week, drew the plans onto the garage floor so we could get a feel of the space.

The new room will be located at the back of the old garage. The floor will be raised to be level with the rest of the house. It will have cabinets along the one wall, and cubbies above for storage bins. The resulting counter top will be handy for laundry and other projects. Across from that will be space for a hamper, the utility sink, washer, dryer, and a broom closet. Above, a large coat rack.

We’re going to stack the washer and dryer this time, which will hopefully make things better. Currently, the washer likes to move about the room.

I had hoped that we’d move the hot water heater and the furnace, but unfortunately that’s a lot more work than we’d like to do at this point. What I had wanted was to move them and then make that space a shower, making the half bath into a full. Now, we’re still putting in a shower, but it’ll be on the opposite wall and be in the former garage. It’ll really come in handy when Colt is a teenager, I’m sure.

So needless to say, the house has been a bit noisy. Thankfully, Colt can sleep through anything. I’ll keep you posted on the progress.


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