Three Months!


How does time fly by so fast!?

At 3 months old Colt is really starting to let his personality shine through. He’ll watch you and even better, will smile back at you when you talk to him. And speaking of talking, he’s much more vocal. He’ll wriggle around on my lap cooing and grunting. It seems he’s the most vocal when he’s getting a diaper change, but that’s also when I tend to play with his toes, and blow raspberries on his belly, so he really enjoys those moments.

And he’s getting so big! He wears jammies most days because it’s easier for daycare, and just the other day I had to go out and buy some more because he’s getting too long for the ones he has. He’s wearing size 3-6 month. 6 months is a bit too big, but he’s rapidly growing out of the 3 months stuff.

He still loves to play on his Fisher Price Kick n Play. I’ve hung two new toys from the cross bar, a moose and a zebra that have fun things to grab and bat around, as well as make noise. He still just hits it a lot with his fists but he’s starting to grab hold and even pull things into his mouth. I’m happy to see him opening his hands up more.

He also enjoys sitting up a lot more now too. He’s getting sturdier, but still can’t sit on his own. Oh, and we’re starting to toss our legs around a lot more now too. Even rolling from back to side occasionally.

He spends more time during the day awake and alert, enjoying watching everyone. He’s even been interested in watching TV a bit, enjoying Sponge Bob, Elmo, and Fozzie the Bear.

His appetite has really picked up recently too. I’m hoping I can keep up the milk production. I’m pumping about as often as I can. I’m hoping that he’s going through the 3 month growth spurt, and that he’ll calm back down a bit.

He’s been doing great in daycare too. The girls there seem to like making paintings with his hands and feet. I tend to find he’s got funny colored feet when I change his diaper. He also doesn’t seem to cry too much while he’s there, I find him content in a swing when I show up to pick him up. He also seems to like the other kids in class.

This also means that I’ve been back to work for a month. Which seems to be going well. Mike and I have a pretty good routine down in the morning and afternoon. Pumping at work has gone well too.

This past month we’ve celebrated our first Easter, including a visit with the Easter Bunny. We survived our first cold. Made our first trip up north. And met Grandpa Ron when he came up from Tennessee for a visit.

Overall, he continues to amaze me every day. He’s the sweetest, cutest, little guy. He’s been such a happy baby and pretty easy to please at most times. I’m hoping this temperament continues.


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