Colt’s First Trip Up North!

Mike has been waiting for the day he got to take Colt up north since before we knew he was Colt. 

This weekend all odds were in our favor. No obligations. We were all finally on the tail end of our illness. And the weather was just right.

While I picked up Peanut from daycare, Mike was at home quickly packing the minivan. I’d say we had a ton more to pack than usual, but if you’ve ever seen how much Mike usually packs to go north, I’d be wrong.

Still, it was a new challenge. Bring more than enough diapers, milk, and bottles to store what I’d be pumping. But not too much milk cause I would be making plenty enough.  And let’s not forget my pump. The bassinet, and the Kick n’Play. And more than enough clothes. The stroller, the carrier and of course the car seat. And don’t forget the dog and the baby!

I actually had to consider bringing extra clothes myself. I’ve been spit up, pee’d, and pooped on enough lately to not take that extra pair of jeans.

The only thing I managed to forget was my phone charger.

We hit the road by around 6:30, and Colt slept the entire 3 hour drive.  I was fearing that he’d be up late, but surprisingly enough, a little time to kick off some energy and we were all in bed by 11.

The next day, Mike had some chores to get done, so I played with Colt indoors. By the time Mike was about done, it had warmed up nicely so I put Colt in his stroller and went out. It was at that same time that our neighbors, Kenny and Dawn, walked over to meet the little guy.  Dawn made him a cute little stuffed elephant. 

After a quick snack, we got Colt strapped to Mike’s chest in the carrier and went out for a walk.  I found a deer antler that had been shed this spring and we stopped to take a selfie near the pine row.


When we got back, Colt and I took a nap while Mike did some more chores. We later went for a quick drive and showed Colt the floodplains where one day he’ll fish for pike, and hunt ducks.

That evening, we visited with Kenny and Dawn. And Colt was just a happy, content little boy the entire time. Soon it was time for bed again.

Sunday, Mike had some more work to do, so Colt and I stayed back at the cabin, playing, napping, and again waiting for the outdoors to warm up a bit.

Unfortunately, while the sun was nice and warm, the wind was strong and cold. I bundled Colt up and let him nap in his stroller, in the sun, but out of the wind, while Mike and I did a little yard clean up.

For lunch, we headed into town and stopped at the local bar for burgers. Colt slept through his first trip to Reds. A place his daddy has been going for almost 30 years.

Soon enough it was time to get packed and headed home. Colt seemed to have a great time hanging out with his mommy and especially his daddy. But I actually think it was Mike who had the most fun, reminiscing about all the time he spent at Camp Grief as a kid and looking forward to experiencing it all again with his own son.


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