Product Review: Soft Carriers

Mike and I love to take the dog for walks in the woods, whether its up north on our property, on the state trails or here at home along the river bank.  Most of the time, however, we’re not walking on proper trimmed trails, and a stroller just isn’t going to go where we like to wander. I have many friends that have used a number of different carriers and I was lucky to get two different ones as gifts.

From my friend Oi, I receive the Baby K’Tan wrap.  When looking at it online I was sure this was going to be my favorite. The jersey knit fabric is soft and can easily be washed. The instructional videos on their website are helpful and it wasn’t too hard to figure out.  However, peanut didn’t enjoy being swaddled, he’s quite the kicker, and so we didn’t start using this one too much.  Now that he’s older, I will revisit this carrier again and see if this is something I will enjoy more over the summer months. As I have to admit, wearing it over a baggy sweatshirt, wasn’t making it very easy to put on or comfortable.

I also had a Mei Tai carrier very similar to this one by Infantino.  This is the carrier I started using as soon as Colt was able to keep his head pretty stable.  I enjoyed that I could tuck him in next to my body without much effort and I could easily wear it over a hoodie.  The only thing I didn’t enjoy about it, is that I always felt like it could be just a little bit tighter. I would always have a hand on his little bottom hoping he wouldn’t slide out the bottom.

wpid-img_20150401_180825861_hdr.jpg Looking around online at some of the best sellers and I came across the Infantino Fusion. The reviews were good and the price was ridiculously cheap. I figured even for $40 I could buy this carrier and try it out to see if I would even be interested in one of the more expensive ERGOBaby or BabyBjorn’s on the market. I honestly say I love this carrier.  It has wide and narrow seat options so it grows with your baby. It can be worn front-facing, front-forward or as a backpack. And what I didn’t realize I was missing with the Mei Tai is that it distributes the weight so much better.  I can carry Colt on my chest and wander around and not feel like my back is going to give out and I feel confident that he’s secure. We’ll see how this continues to work as Colt grows bigger, but for now, I like it the best.

I also have a friend who was formerly part of a babywearing group here in Michigan who has since moved to Texas that has mentioned sending me an original ring sling type carrier that I am looking forward to trying out as well. Especially since Katie has been known to carry her babies around long before most people would even think it’s possible!


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